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Scizor is very uncommon in OU and is mainly seen on fully Baton Pass oriented teams; however, even there it is considered a niche option. While passing Speed and/or Attack boosts can be scary for unprepared teams, it often struggles to pull that off effectively due to having to constantly watch out for Fire-type attacks that many common Pokemon run such as Snorlax and Tyranitar. Additionally, Scizor has a poor matchup against the tier's most popular phazers, Steelix and Skarmory, both of which are able to easily tank any hit from Scizor and either force a switch or phaze it.

As a setup sweeper, Scizor is simply underwhelming due to its very poor coverage, mostly consisting of Steel Wing and Hidden Power Fighting, and the lack of a strong STAB attack. it also faces heavy competition from Marowak and Heracross, the former is much stronger due to thick club and is able to reach 999 attack in just one swords dance, as well as having better coverage, and the latter more than makes up for its slight deficit in attack and lack of Swords Dance with its better defensive stats and access to Megahorn.

However, what Scizor does have is one of the best defensive typings in the game, Bug/Steel, which has only one weakness, even if it is a 4x weakness to fire, and has some great resistances in Normal-, Psychic-, and Ice-type moves, as well as an immunity to Toxic. this allows it to switch into Pokemon such as Porygon2, Exeggutor without Hidden Power Fire, Jynx, and Snorlax. Its Toxic immunity also lets it switch in to some common Toxic users such as Forretress and Umbreon.
name: Baton Pass
move 1: Swords Dance/Agility
move 2: Baton Pass
move 3: Agility/Steel Wing
move 4: Hidden Power Fighting
item: Leftovers

Set Details
This is the standard set for Scizor, it attempts to make use of Swords Dance and/or Agility + Baton Pass to support its team through important stat boosts, giving out attack and speed boosts respectively. Steel Wing can be run over Agility to deal damage to Gengar or Misdreavus, as well as hitting Jynx super-effectively. Hidden power fighting is used to cover many Rock-, Ice-, Normal-, and Dark-types in the tier such as Rhydon Tyranitar, Cloyster, and Snorlax, and is able to deal some damage to an unboosted Steelix. Leftovers gives Scizor useful passive recovery that might allow it to stay in for a bit longer.

This set is exclusively for Baton Pass teams, so Baton Pass staples such as Smeargle, Jolteon, and Vaporeon are mandatory teammates. Vaporeon notably resists Fire-Type attacks, so Scizor can pass to Vaporeon so it can tank a Fire- hit. Scizor's most common baton pass recipients are Marowak, Machamp, and Snorlax, All of which greatly benefit from a speed and/or attack boost from passing Agility or Swords Dance.

name: Swords Dance
move 1: Swords Dance
move 2: Return
move 3: Steel Wing
move 4: Hidden Power Fighting
item: Leftovers

Set Details
Swords Dance boosts Scizors attack stat by two stages, allowing it to more easily sweep teams. Return is Scizors strongest move and hits anything that resists both Steel Wing and Hidden Power Fighting for decent damage and also 2HKOs Zapdos after a swords dance boost. Steel Wing hits Gengar and Misdreavus, Two Pokemon that are unaffected by Return and Hidden Power Fighting, and 2HKOs both at +2. Hidden Power Fighting Provides the most coverage for Scizor, Hitting Rock-, Ice-, and Dark-types such as Rhydon, Cloyster, Tyranitar, and Umbreon super effectively as well as doing some damage to Steelix and Snorlax. Leftovers is again used to give Scizor passive recovery that can possibly allow it to stay in longer.

Scizor needs to be on constant watch for Fire-type attacks, so Pokemon that resist them such as Vaporeon and Suicune are Necessary teammates. due to its poor matchup against Skarmory, Pokemon that can KO or incapacitate it such as Raikou, Zapdos, or Snorlax are also valuable teammates, Zapdos in particular appreciates Scizors ability to take out the rock types that threaten it. Zapdos is another one of Scizors worst matchups, so Pokemon that can put it to sleep such as Nidoking or Exeggutor are very useful partners, as Zapdos can no longer reliably counter Scizor once it's asleep.
Other Options
Scizor has access to light screen, which can allow it to tank fire attacks much easier and benefit its team with halving special attacks, however, giving Scizor Light screen can mean losing important coverage, and Zapdos does light screen better due to its better speed. Hidden Power Bug is Scizor's strongest Bug-type STAB and doesn't sacrifice as much HP DVs as Hidden Power Fighting, but Hidden Power Bug has far less coverage than Fighting, only hitting exeggutor for more damage

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