Metagame SCL I Doubles OU Discussion [$50 + Discord Nitro Prize]


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Welcome to the Smogon Champions League 1 Discussion Thread -- Doubles edition! This thread will be used to discuss Doubles OU in SCL I related topics, whether it’s about the players, general metagame trends, matches, predictions and so on. Teams, Replays, and Usage Stats can be found here.

Commencement Thread

19.5k - umbry (starting UU)
16k - Nails
11k - Mishimono, stax
9k - Spurrific, Z Strats
8k - Qwello Lee
7k - Memoric
5k - Frania
4.5k - YoBuddy
3.5k - zeefable
3k - Actuarily, emma, fespy, Grandmas Cookin, Lunar, MajorBowman, Paraplegic, Toxigen

Doubles OU Player Cores

Orange Islanders -- Mishimono, fespy
Indigo Platoon -- Z Strats, emma
Power Plant Dynamos -- Qwello Lee, Grandmas Cookin
Uncharted Terrors -- Actuarily, zeefable
Technical Machines -- Nails, umbry
Arena Spartans -- stax, Lunar
Showdown Shoguns -- Frania
Mount Silver Foxes -- Memoric, YoBuddy
Circuit Breakers -- Spurrific, Toxigen
Studio Gible -- Paraplegic, MajorBowman

Doubles OU Power Rankings
Overall Power Rankings

Z Strats

Qwello Lee

Grandmas Cookin

I am going to run a predictions tour, just like I did for RBY during SPL XII. Keep an eye out for it once Week 1 official starts. Also, a reminder that Teams, Replays, and Usage Stats can be found here while this thread will only be used for predictions and discussion.

Here's to a fun SCL!​
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Tier 1

1. Technical Machines -- Nails, umbry

Doesn't matter that Nails hasn't played Doubles seriously since SSD IV, he's at the top of my list. This dude always wins no matter the format, and has excellent umbry support to get him up to speed on the metagame as well as help build and test. I expect a lot out of this duo.

2. Power Plant Dynamos -- Qwello Lee, Grandmas Cookin

Qwello Lee has been one of the most dominant Doubles players of the past year -- best record in SSD IV, Circuit Champion, and OSDT Top 4. Once again, he will have good support in Grandmas Cookin, so I expect similar success as last year.

Tier 2

3. Arena Spartans -- stax, Lunar

Similar to Nails, I have full confidence in stax being able to show up and win Doubles games, just like we saw in DPL. However, both he and Lunar don't seem to have played SS Doubles OU in quite a bit, but the duo has worked well before and stax is, at worst, a top three Doubles player of all time so I have full faith.

4. Orange Islanders -- Mishimono, fespy

After 2-0 in SSD IV, 2nd in OSDT, and 2nd in Spring Seasonal, it is finally time for Mishimono to shine on the big stage. He's been the hottest player recently, and with fespy making sure he isn't too busy being bullied by Demantoid, I'm ready for his debut.

5. Circuit Breakers -- Spurrific, Toxigen

Spurrific has uncharacteristically struggled this year with Smogon Doubles, which puts him near the bottom of Tier 2, but it would be silly to drop him any lower. With with good Toxigen support, I eagerly await Justin to once again show us how good he can be.

6. Mount Silver Foxes -- Memoric, YoBuddy

Once Memoric stops being stupid and realizes he's more than good enough to start, I expect one of Generation 8's most prolific builders to bounce back this year and hopefully regain the success he saw during his debut in SPL VII. Seasonal Champion YoBuddy makes for solid support, and I'm willing to bet that despite the OTT hiccups in the past, Memoric is primed to shock a lot of people and put the past behind him.

Tier 3

7. Uncharted Terrors -- Actuarily, zeefable

Two players with massive circuit success deservedly get to debut in this year's edition fo SCL. The stars of US East have put in the time and effort building and playing, and I'm excited what the two of them have in store this season.

8. Showdown Shoguns -- Frania

Putting Frania #8 feels like a crime, but the lack of official support (once again...) knocks him down a few slots. If he's not too distracted by a certain someone malding about Pokemon Unite, I hope to see Fran come out with some creative builds and kill it this year.

9. Studio Gible -- Paraplegic, MajorBowman

Two players that haven't any much recent success, but if they can both play to their fullest abilities I hope to see them both come out strong and show the community that they've still got it.

Here's to an amazing SCL and GO INDIGO PLATOON :heart:

- haha mafia
My DOU power rankings:

1. Technical Machines (Nails and umbry)
If you have anybody but the Machines #1 you probably don't know much about DOU. Nails is one of the best when it comes to DOU and has done very well in official team tours and I would be very shocked to have seen him have a bad one no matter his support, but umbry is also the best support a DOU player could want. Umbry can build well and if it wasn't for her wanting to play UU she'd easily be a top tier starting DOU player herself. This broken combo definitely cost the Machines though with Nails being the most expensive DOU player by far at 16k and umbry being 19.5k so we'll see if it ends up being worth the price.

2. Power Plant Dynamos (Qwello Lee and Grandmas Cookin)
At number 2 we have the Dynamos who got best DOU record in last snake, DOU circuit winner, OSDT finalist Qwello Lee for a steal of 8k. If I was ranking based on best value I'd have Dynamos number 1 but while Grandmas Cookin is a pretty good support option which Qwello needs he definitely can't compete with umbry.

3. Circuit Breakers (Spurrific and Toxigen)
This is where the rankings start to get a bit tricky but I went with the Circuit Breakers at #3. I think Toxigen support is whatever he should be active and he's a fine player and has built his own stuff, but I am quite high on Spurrific. He's been proven in VGC and DOU to be a good player and was the only one other than Qwello to take a game off me in OSDT.

4. Arena Spartans (Stax and Lunar)
The Stax and Lunar duo are back and since they are a bit of a risky pairing I have them at #4. With neither of them really ever touching SS DOU their motivation and how quick they unrust will affect how well they do. Stax is a top 3 DOU player of all time though and has his friend lunar so I'm quite willing to bet on them getting a positive record.

5. Mt. Silver Foxes (Memoric and YoBuddy)
I'm probably higher on Memoric than most I think his building is one of the best and he has solid play to back it up making him always a dangerous threat. I also think YoBuddy is one of the best support there is while being perfect for Memo due to working together on APAC in doubles wcop before and having similar timezones.

6. Orange Islanders (Mishiimono and fespy)
I think Mishi is probably a bit overrated right now, he's definitely gotten good for sure but his play usually isn't too amazing and his building just seems alright. I think he had one of the easier OSDT matchups and run to finals which has helped people overrate him. He did make seasonal finals too but also lost that and like I said before his building along with play usually look like they could be improved, I also think fespy is one of the weaker support options.

7. Uncharted Terrors (Actuarily and Zeefable)
Bottom 3 for me is honestly a bit of a crapshoot but I'll rank the new faces at the top of the crapshoot. Both Actuarily and Zee I'd rank about the same and both are completely new to official team tours so it'll be interesting to see how they do in their debut. Actuarily won DLT dethroning SMB but after that one good tour hasn't been too impressive, while Zee has been consistently improving in SS having a good last seasonal but unfortunately lost to SMB early in OSDT. While I think both of them are weaker starters they'd both be top tier support and can build their own stuff and if one player does bad you can just throw in the other so while I predict them to go negative I won't rank them bottom.

8. Studio Gible (Paraplegic and Majorbowman)
#8 we have the Gibles who just like the terrors have two really cheap players to fill out their DOU. Para hasn't been able to find the success he had two DPLs ago and went negative last snake. He's proven himself as a good builder in the past but recently it's seemed more stale and leaves something to be desired, though I think this new meta will be a bit more favourable for him. His support is someone he's worked with in the past a lot in Majorbowman, who hasn't actually done anything playing wise in DOU for a while and will have to unrust. Maybe working with Bowman will help Para's teambuilding and bring him back to pretty good form but with no real good results from either of them recently I'm still predicting them around the bottom.

9. Showdown Shoguns (Frania)
Maybe I'm being to harsh on Fran here but how a team drafts Frania no support again is beyond me, I know he technically has unofficial support but motivation and how much help unofficial support will be is always a huge question mark. Frania's SS is nowhere near peak Frania, his building and play can both be questionable and he's had no real results recently. Couple that with his recent official team tour records and the fact that he has no real support and it's not looking good, who knows though it would be nice to see Frania prove me wrong and return to something close to peak Frania.


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Objective power rankings:

1. Technical Machines (Nails and umbry)
Nails has a strong track record, especially in these high-level team tours, any unfamiliarity with the current meta is easily negated with umbry as top-tier support.

2. Power Plant Dynamos (Qwello Lee and Grandmas Cookin)
Qwello Lee's incredible tour records speak for itself, Grandmas Cookin is decent support but not the same level as umbry which is why I have them second behind Technical Machines.

3. Indigo Platoon (Z Strats and emma)
Z Strats has had a big presence in gen 8, being creator of the iconic 'Z Strats Offense' team, as well as a similarly dominant team earlier in the meta with the Tapu Fini + Porygon2 semiroom team, so it would be no surprise to see a team of the same impact come out of this tour. He's also in relatively good form playing-wise. I think emma is great as support, she works super hard in prep, and will make sure Z Strats' inevitable win posts dominate like counts too.

4. Mt. Silver Foxes (Memoric and YoBuddy)
I rate Memoric's play and teambuilding abilities quite highly, and assuming he starts see this team doing quite well. I like YoBuddyTheSupport here too, with his strength being in the teambuilder IMO, this team should produce some strong and creative teams. If YoBuddy is the one starting this team drops a few places though.

5. Circuit Breakers (Spurrific and Toxigen)
Spurrific is a good player, but going by recent DOU performances I have to rank them below other teams with players in stronger form. Toxigen is fine as support, but not enough to change the ranking.

6. Arena Spartans (Stax and Lunar)
Lunar is the yin to Stax's yang, and playing with a friend's support should help the question of motivation. However, the lack of experience in SS leaves some doubt, and I'm not yet convinced by the ability to shake off rust and pick up the tier to place the team above other competitors.

7. Orange Islanders (Mishiimono and fespy)
Mishiimono is a solid enough player, but I think OSDT was an overperformance by his standards, and his builds are nothing to write home about either. fespy as support isn't super notable either.

8. Uncharted Terrors (Actuarily and Zeefable)
Actuarily and Zeefable are both recent names in the DOU community, and have proven themselves to be good players. Despite Actuarily winning DLT, I would still rate them both as some of the weaker players in the pool, and lack of experience in team tours like this also hurts their ranking.

9. Showdown Shoguns (Frania)
Frania won SM Cup but lacks any standout results in SS, and lack of a dedicated support unlike every other team is also a knock against. There's always the chance this is the turnaround tour to return to previous form, but I can't see much reason to expect that going in.

10. Studio Gible (Paraplegic and MajorBowman)
An amazing tier leader I fully believe will go unbeaten in this tour. That's enough about me though, I have slightly less faith saying the same about my comrades. Both are in relatively weak form, and will need to rely on Paraplegic pulling something out in the builder to do well, but I haven't seen anything special from him lately. These two are also a cursed combo in team tours.


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Public Relations:

1. Orange Islanders (Mishiimono and fespy)
Mish. Fespy and Mishi are two players who tend to build outside-looking-in teams with regards to the metagame, and I think they'll be able to hit on it.

2. Power Plant Dynamos (Qwello Lee and Grandmas Cookin)
Two generally solid players, with Abuela having done some building in this meta already.

3. Technical Machines (Nails and umbry)
I've never seen these guys play before but apparently they're decent

4. Indigo Platoon (Z Strats and emma)
If power rankings were done based on ego Z Strats would have no competition. As it is this is not the case; both are good players and prolific builders with solid tour performances as of late but are still missing the success to put them higher.

5. Arena Spartans (Stax and Lunar)
Neither of these players have really made themselves involved with the metagame, but surely within a few weeks they should be able to get up to speed and have shown skill in Doubles in the past.

6. Mt. Silver Foxes (Memoric and YoBuddy)
Memoric is a very competent player and he should be looking pretty good with the support of YoBuddy behind him, with YoBuddy being a good player himself.

7. Uncharted Terrors (Actuarily and Zeefable)
Both are prolific players and builders in the SS metagame, although they are yet inexperienced.

8. Circuit Breakers (Spurrific and Toxigen)
Spurrific is apparently good but I've never seen them win anything. Toxigen does a lot of forum stuff so he's probably okay at building.

9. Studio Gible (Paraplegic and MajorBowman)
Perhaps MajorBowman can help Paraplegic straighten his builds a little bit. Paraplegic is a competent player, and while Bowman has not played much Doubles this year surely he paid at least a little attention to the metagame as the Doubles OU tier leader.

10. Showdown Shoguns (Frania)
Frania... brought Regieleki to DLT.
My SCL Power Rankings:

1. Technical Machines (Nails and umbry)
These 2 players being paired together made the rest of the dou players shit their pants. nails has already solidfied himself as a top player in dou and having umbry as support only escalates that. Yes, umbry will only be allowed to play UU for the first 2 weeks in scl, but if for some reason nails doesnt adapt to the new meta in ss, umbry can always take his place. This duo is scary so im excited to see how the rest of the field handles them. This is the team to beat!

2. Power Plant Dynamos (Qwello Lee and Grandmas Cookin)
Qwello is Qwello. He's already proven himself enough in 2020. He had the best record in snake last year, tied with z strats with a 5-1 record in DWCOP, and eventually became the DOU Circuit Champion. He took a break from dou for about 6 months, but made it all the way to semifinals for osdt. This guy is sogood. Grandmas cookin is also a top tier player; started out in sm when it was cg and eventually became a top player in ss. they have great synergy together so they could usurp nails+umbry and take the number #1 spot at the end of the season.

3. Mt. Silver Foxes (Memoric and YoBuddy)
This team is underrated af. I actually have no idea who will start but both are godlike players. I've always shitted on yobuddy for his teams, but he just won a seasonal! I have to eat my words so I apologize yobuddy. The synergy between these two players is absurd(same timezone, similar personalities, and both pogarina supporters lol). Im looking forward to the teams they bring. I know they'll surprise everyone with their secret techs.

4. Orange Islanders (Mishiimono and fespy)
I dont understand why people are calling mishimono overrated. He made finals in both osdt and spring seasonals, but if your response to this is because he had a weak bracket or because his teambuilding skills is questionable, I'd suggest asking him for battles and give him the respect he deserves. This guy is good. fespy is also another talented player and having him as support is good for mishi. I saw how dedicated fespy was in dpl7 to his team(there's a reason why his team won dpl) so i have a lot of confidence in this duo.

5. Indigo Platoon (Z Strats and emma)
Z Strats is the best ss dou teambuilder. He made a team that was so good and prevalent in the meta that players started calling it Z STRATS OFFENSE! For months, dou players everywhere were doing their best to counterteam or surpass this team and it eventually died down, but now that kartana got banned, the team has finally reached its end. 2-3 weeks before kart got banned, z strats made another broken team with shift gear gene paired alongside rage powder volcarona. This guy has good intuition when it comes to the meta and i wouldnt be surprised if he builds another broken team during SCL. Dont get me started on how good his gameplay is :p On top of this, you have emma who is god tier support. She is so dedicated to dou and her passion for the game is unmatchable.

6. Studio Gible (Paraplegic and MajorBowman)
Synergy is the key to team tournaments like this. Yes, skill is also required but having these 2 players work together is asking for trouble. They have been in many team tours together and its only right that they pair up again. Para is a really good player. His tournament result have been kinda underwhelming but i know he has what it takes to compete with the rest of the field. With kartana getting banned, this meta favors him even more so everyone has to be careful while playing him. bowman hasnt participated much in dou tours but if he is motivated enough(im sure he will be), this duo could possibly come out with the best record.

7. Showdown Shoguns (Frania)
History has shown us that fran has underperformed in teams tour, but i have a good feeling that he will finally prove us wrong. He is the only player without support in this tour, but that isnt going to hold him back. He understands the game so well and will do his best to achieve a positive record. Dont underestimate this guy. You'll be sorry if you do.

8. Arena Spartans (Stax and Lunar)
This is where things start to get complicated. I know stax is a top 3 player in dou but i havent seen it in SS. He played in SPL 12 but that doesnt count. Any format with dynamax is irrelevant. I mentioned before that synergy plays a big part in these tours and these guy have it. They dont have any notable results in ss but they both have the skills to beat anyone in the field.

9. Circuit Breakers (Spurrific and Toxigen)
Spurrific will always be in the top echelon of dou players. He's already proven himself time and time again but ss hasnt been nice to him. I will always bet on spurrific in old gens but ss is a whole different game. I know he has what it takes to beat anyone standing in his way so im really hoping it happens in SCL. Toxigen will be a good a support for him because he has a good understanding of the metagame so im excited to see what both players come up with

9. Uncharted Terrors (Actuarily and Zeefable)
Actuarily and Zeefable are both top ranked players in ss dou, but i put them at the bottom of my list because they are newcomers. They need to prove themselves first against the rest of the field for me to believe they deserve a higher ranking. i know they can do it but it comes down to how well they work together.
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1. Mt. Silver Foxes (Memoric & YoBuddy)

Seasonal Winner YoBuddy backed by the best DOU support in the tier? wrap it up oml the asiancy always prevails :pogarina:

2*. Power Plant Dynamos (Qwello Lee & Grandmas Cookin)

Qwello Lee is a proven good player, however he missed out on getting Memoric support whose teams he's already proven to be good with. Such a shame!

3*. Technical Machines (Nails & umbry)

Nails would ordinarily one spot higher. However, being part of that ill-fated US Central team in Doubles World Cup means that he drops one spot. umbry support is also questionable. she chats 0 chat presence in PS, contribute nothing to smogon. she just talks shit in her circlejerk.

4. Indigo Platoon (Z Strats & emma)

Ever since Z Strats got "good" he feels so fucking entitled now, its so annoying

5. Circuit Breakers (Spurrific & Toxigen)

Spurrific is apparently good but I've never seen them win anything. Toxigen does a lot of forum stuff so he's probably okay at building.

6. Arena Spartans (Stax & Lunar)

Washed xd!

7. Orange Islanders (Mishiimono & fespy)

8. Uncharted Terrors (Actuarily & Zeefable)

For a team called Uncharted Terrors, having two rookies on their DOU slots is oddly fitting. Could do some damage, Actu does have a DLT win on his belt after all.

9. Showdown Shoguns (Frania)

As much as I rate frania highly, the lack of notable SS DOU finishes makes me put them here. I support the Regieleki though unlike some people, and the gap between rankings isn't that big anyway.

10. N/A

11*. Studio Gible (Paraplegic and MajorBowman)

Like I said earlier, being part of last year's US Central means you go one spot lower. And judging by how they both went for 3k, the only one high on this DOU slot is definitely Paraplegic.
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factually based prs

1. Techincal Machines (Nails & Umbry)

Best Player + Best support. Should be Nearly Unbeatable

2. Indigo Platoon ( Z Strats & Emma)

Ray has been constantly defining the ss dou metagame, and with a dedicated strong player like emma by his side i think they will build some very strong teams that will leave them with a strongly positive record

2. Power Plant Dynamos (Qwello Lee & Grandmas Cookin)

Qwello is top 3 ss players, and with strong support like gma this is another team thats set up to do well this tour

4. Mt. Silver Foxes (Memoric & YoBuddy)

YoBuddy who has found a lot of recent success and Memoric who has been around for years, a duo that compliments each other well and should leave them positive.

5. Orange Islanders (Mishiimono & fespy)

I think people are underrating mish + fespy. Mish has been super consistent with b2b seconds in seasonal and OSDT. Not sure how much fespy has been playing/ building.

6. Circuit Breakers (Spurrific & Toxigen)

2 super solid players, spurrific has been a very quiet strong ss player who has been doing well in seasonals and is a beast of a doubles player,

7. Arena Spartans (Stax & Lunar)

2 really old players, not sure if either have touched ss. But, they have incredible synergy and stax is top 3 dou of all time.

8. Uncharted Terrors (Actuarily & Zeefable)

2 new players is weird, i can see this season going really well or really poorly. They both have had super solid results this season, so im excited to see how these players perform on the new big stage.

9. Studio Gible (Paraplegic and MajorBowman)

Not super high on these 2, we will have to see.

10. Showdown Shoguns (Frania)

Frania being alone is a big buffer, and especially since frania has not been on top of his game as of late. He should struggle to keep up with the rest of the pool.
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Week 1!
  • [TMS] Nails vs Frania [SHO]
  • [TER] Actuarily vs Spurrific [BRE]
  • [FOX] Memoric vs Mishimono [ISL]
  • [GIB] Paraplegic vs stax [SPA]
  • [PLA] Z Strats vs Qwello Lee [DYN]
Just post your predicts in the thread and I'll tally up the total number of correct answers for everyone, and the winner at the end will receive $50 USD and a full month of Discord Nitro! Here's an example of how I ran it for RBY during SPL XII.
[TMS] Nails vs Frania [SHO]
[TER] Actuarily vs Spurrific [BRE]
[FOX] Memoric vs Mishimono [ISL]
[GIB] Paraplegic vs stax [SPA]
[PLA] Z Strats vs Qwello Lee [DYN]
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[TMS] Nails vs Frania [SHO] - Nails has umbry support and Frania is alone, I think this is the safe pick.
[TER] Actuarily vs Spurrific [BRE] - Actuarily is a fire ass builder and player, and I need to see spurrific win again before I can bold him due to dwcop tie breaks-related ptsd.
[FOX] Memoric vs Mishimono [ISL] - Memo has yobuddy on his team and we saw how apac went. I'm also just higher on him as a player than mishi
[GIB] Paraplegic vs stax [SPA] - My own game
[PLA] Z Strats vs Qwello Lee [DYN] - I think z strats will likely come into this game with a much better team and win off of that. Highlight of the week for sure though
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[TMS] Nails vs Frania [SHO] - this isn't hearthstone cwl
[TER] Actuarily vs Spurrific [BRE] - how many vgc trophies does actuarily have? haven't seen their trophy case so...
[FOX] Memoric vs Mishimono [ISL] - Foxes DOU so good they actually just sent their support in, that's so disrespectful
[GIB] Paraplegic vs stax [SPA] - both of them kinda washed so ill take the one who's an all-timer
[PLA] Z Strats vs Qwello Lee [DYN] - better support wins xd


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  • [TMS] Nails vs Frania [SHO]
  • [TER] Actuarily vs Spurrific [BRE]
  • [FOX] Memoric vs Mishimono [ISL]
  • [GIB] Paraplegic vs stax [SPA]
  • [PLA] Z Strats vs Qwello Lee [DYN]
  • [TMS] Nails vs Frania [SHO] - 1v10 pr
  • [TER] Actuarily vs Spurrific [BRE] - 'this guy is good because he only lost 2-1 versus me" - Z Strats
  • [FOX] Memoric vs Mishimono [ISL] - teammate >:D
  • [GIB] Paraplegic vs stax [SPA] - knows the meta better (maybe?) vs better record/historical performance, suppose the former's advantage is nerfed by the recent meta shakeup of kart ban putting them on equal footing so taking the latter
  • [PLA] Z Strats vs Qwello Lee [DYN] - both are amazing, highlight game
  • [TMS] Nails vs Frania [SHO]
  • [TER] Actuarily vs Spurrific [BRE]
  • [FOX] Memoric vs Mishimono [ISL]
  • [GIB] Paraplegic vs stax [SPA]
  • [PLA] Z Strats vs Qwello Lee [DYN]
[TMS] Nails vs Frania [SHO] - Not only is Nails considered the best in the field and has great support, but I believe he has always beat Frania when they played (or at least used to). With Frania being alone too this match up is just looking rough for him.
[TER] Actuarily vs Spurrific [BRE] - Justin is super good but has been struggling in recent dou tours. I would actually bold Actuarily if it weren't for this being his first big tournament match. I do have a lot of faith in this guy to perform but its always rough to do great right away. So because of that Justin gets my pick.
[FOX] Memoric vs Mishimono [ISL] - Mishi has had a great past few tournaments and has proven he has what it takes to be a top player. Memoric is great too but his team tournament history isn't the best. I feel this specific match will decide a lot for these two, whoever gets the momentum will most likely do well.
[GIB] Paraplegic vs stax [SPA] - Stax Lunar goat combo. I'd say more but its my team so LOL.
[PLA] Z Strats vs Qwello Lee [DYN] - This is the one game I am bolding entirely based on it being bo1. Qwello in a bo3 feels much better as he would have time to figure out whatever offensive team Z Strats came up with. However, this is bo1.. good luck with that one Qwello..
  • [TMS] Nails vs Frania [SHO] - Don't think there's much to say here both aren't too involved in SS and Nails is better and has support.
  • [TER] Actuarily vs Spurrific [BRE] - Justin is much more used to team tours and it's hard to bold Actuarily without seeing more from him.
  • [FOX] Memoric vs Mishimono [ISL] - I think Mishi can be the better player but Memos building will give him the edge and win him week 1. Maybe Memos official curse is real and he just sucks though.
  • [GIB] Paraplegic vs stax [SPA] - This is the best time to get stax but with the extra break I expect stax to be back in form enough to beat para.
  • [PLA] Z Strats vs Qwello Lee [DYN] - just the better player tbh Qwello without Z Strats support is nothing
[TMS] Nails vs Frania [SHO] - My real prediction for this game is fran being too busy listening to Prinz's rants about pokemon unite instead of doing actual prep

[TER] Actuarily [45] vs [55] Spurrific [BRE] - Really exciting matchup, great to see bandit's first shot at a big team tournament as well as justin coming back in officials after his good campaign in snake 3. Even though bandit is still unproven I think they have the most upset potential out of anybody else in the bottom half of the pool, they're not afraid to pull the trigger even when the situation looks dire and they got a pretty unique take on the meta that might give them an advantage over other players. That being said I think justin is just an amazing player if he can find the right footing and motivation, I had him pretty high in my personal rankings so I'm still going to give him the edge but I wouldn't be surprised to see bandit come out on top of this one, gonna be a close game.

[FOX] Memoric [51] vs [49] Mishimono [ISL] - Closest game of the week, the only thing I know is that I am for sure not confident with this prediction, especially since it involves memoric caring about his game. I'm probably very wrong but I'm just going to assume he does. Building prowess is going to be the deciding factor here in my opinion, both players are obviously really good but I see mishi's builds as kind of exploitable and something I believe the foxes' doubles core is very much capable of taking advantage of. Could really go either way but I think memoric is gonna show up with some crazy team and catch mishi off guard.

[GIB] Paraplegic [40] vs [60] stax [SPA] - I'm not totally sure where stax stands yet as I've seen nothing from him in no-dynamax meta but he's been great in the past so I don't think he should have many issues getting back in shape, as long as the motivation is there, of course. On the other hand, I still have to see more from para's building and play, especially at this stage. However I do think that if there's one point in the season where para has the biggest shot to beat stax it's probably right now, I wouldn't be shocked if he's able to capitalise on stax still being unfamiliar with SS and get the win off a great team matchup, which is probably less likely to happen in a completely new metagame after the recent kartana ban. I also think nerves are a big part of the game and stax has showed he's able to consistently show up and win matches so I'm going to predict him to take this.

[PLA] Z Strats [0] vs [100] Qwello Lee [DYN] - Z Strats being probably a starter pick shows how the quality of dou players goes down year by year. Absolute wash.

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