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So, Zygarde got banned recently. It's hard to play against a Pokemon that has more sets it can run than tennisace has badges. If you knew which set it ran, you could play against it properly. Team Preview helps, but an importable is better. This tournament will have you creating a team and handing over every detail of that team, from items to EVs and everything in between, to your opponent.

- This is a standard Best-Of-1 USUM OU tournament. Your team used must be legal in the OU tier and ladder as of the previous round's posting. This is important due to the next rule and how the importables are handled.
- Teams must be privately sent to the host (Lady Salamence) the round before the match takes place. This ensures that matches are not delayed due to teams not being sent in. You must use the team sent in, playing a match with a different team will be grounds for a forfeit.
- Round 1 teams must be sent in during the Sign Up phase, Round 2 teams must be sent as soon as you have won your Round 1 match, and so on. If you have not completed your match and it is the deadline day, send in your team regardless. This will affect how I handle activity wins, as it will show a desire to play in the tournament.

Players: (Bolded users have sent in their team and are confirmed.)
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My suggestion would be just exchanging imports in game with the opponent. If someone tries to cheat or whatever dq, seems like the much easier way to do it

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