Championship - Type B Scrabble Room's Scrabmons Tour - Round 5

-This will be a Single Elimination Tournament
-Matches will be played on the Pokemon Showdown Server (or Smogtours).
-The host will give each pairing a 6 letter pokemon related word.
- Your team will spell out the word that is provided.
EX: TACKLE could be Togekiss, Armaldo, Cloyster, Kyurem-B, Lopunny-Mega, Eelektross
-Battles will be played with OU tiering and standard OU rules and clauses.
TACKLE could NOT contain Kyurem-W, Arceus etc.
NOTE: Mega evolutions go by their species. For example: Mega-Lopunny is actually Lopunny-Mega and would be an L. Alolan forms are the same. Alolan Muk would be Muk-Alola and would thus be M.
-It will be a Best of ONE OU match to decide the winner.
-If a player enters the battle containing a team that does not correctly contain the right letters, the other player has the right to take the win.
-Regular tour rules apply. No Ghosting etc.

For a better example, check out the spoiler below. One note, both opponents in this tour WILL be receiving the same word.
Scrabblemons Example:
%PrincessQtie: SnapEasy, your word is SNAP.
%PrincessQtie: Stylus, your word is LAMP.
Stylus has Lopunny, Ampharos, Malamar, Passimian which spell LAMP
SnapEasy had Sableye, Necrozma, Accelgor, Pinsir which spell SNAP.

On forums. Just post in.

Prize: Winner will get a custom command in the Scrabble room on PS and their name will be displayed in the room intro. To join scrabble enter the command /j scrabble.

Replays must be posted without exception. We are trying to do our best to avoid controversies related to not bringing the correct letters and things so we will be enforcing proof. If there are any controversies, please contact users myself (CriticalMeme), Cheese, or raidx on PS.
Round 4 will last until Friday, January 6, 11:59 EST Good Luck!

This first one is kinda ridiculous since I still don't know whats going on with the R3 match but I'd always rather see a match played than not, either way pairings for this might change in the near future.
HNBL vs Mimolette your word is: DIALGA
3.14dgeot-Mega vs Elyna your word is: PYROAR
entrocefalo vs Baloor your word is: RHYDON
Whitewash vs sergey your word is: GOLBAT

Note: You do not have to use whatever your complete word is on your team. Please message me either on ps or on here with any questions you may have.

Special Thanks To:
SnapEasy, Cheese, and the rest of the Scrabble Room. Please support the Scrabble Room on PS by typing /j Scrabble in the main chat!
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