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  • Scrafty's high defenses make it quite durable despite its lackluster HP
  • Powerful STAB attacks and access to a variety of coverage moves threatens to wear down a majority of foes
  • Intimidate complements its high physical defense and helps teammates, while Moxie can boost its Attack to frightening levels
  • Getting burned is bad news for Scrafty

name: Crowd Control
move 1: Fake Out
move 2: Close Combat
move 3: Throat Chop
move 4: Protect / Taunt
item: Sitrus Berry / Lum Berry / Roseli Berry
ability: Intimidate
nature: Impish / Careful
evs: 252 HP / 116 ATK / 140 SpD

Set Description

  • Intimidate hinders the opponent and also mitigates one use of Close Combat
  • Fake Out can prevent setup from opponents as well as break sashes
  • Protect is standard in doubles sets, allowing Scrafty to take a turn off while its partner handles a threat
  • Taunt can further prevent setup from opponents who would otherwise try to overwhelm Scrafty's defenses, also prevents healing and other various ways to break parity
  • Powerful STAB attacks hit the field for neutral coverage, outpacing most foes in hit-for-hit matchups
  • Sitrus Berry pads its low HP, Lum Berry can heal a burn that would otherwise cripple Scrafty, Roseli Berry can be used to tank a Fairy-type attack and respond

Usage Tips
  • Be wary of foes with Competitive, don't do their job for them
  • Throat Chop stops Sylveon's Hyper Voice if you're in a position to outspeed it, turning it off offensively for two turns
  • Don't be afraid to switch out to reset Scrafty's defenses after Close Combat
  • Impish or Careful natures can be used, depending. Most attacks that really threaten Scrafty are special, and Intimidate helps cover Scrafty on the physical side, but using Careful does open you up to OHKOs from Kommo-o's Close Combat and Braviary's Brave Bird (if not intimidated)
  • Overall a well rounded pokemon that fits well on most balance teams

Team Options
  • Tailwind support can further Scrafty's advantage by allowing it to strike first against certain pokemon
  • Pivots that can get either free or favorable switches allow Scrafty to reset, as well as get additional uses out of Intimidate and Fake Out
  • Since Scrafty and its teammates like to switch out a lot, entry hazard removal is important

name: Bulky Dynamax Setup
move 1: Fake Out
move 2: Low Kick
move 3: Throat Chop
move 4: Protect / Iron Head
item: Expert Belt
ability: Moxie
nature: Careful / Impish
evs: 252 HP / 8 ATK / 248 SpD

Set Description
  • Fake Out can be used before Dynamaxing to prevent foes from setting up, break sashes, or to get certain pokemon into KO range (Gothitelle, Hydreigon)
  • Dynamax fills in what was left to be desired in Scrafty's HP stat, rounding out its bulk
  • Expert belt and the given EV spread is to maximize bulk while ensuring KOs against key threats. Life Orb was considered, but decided against due to hindering Scrafty's longevity
  • Moxie in combination with Max Knuckle can get out of hand quickly; unboosted Max Knuckle OHKOes Tyranitar, Galarian Darmanitan, and Excadrill, and 2HKOes many other foes. With a +3 Attack, Scrafty can proceed to OHKO most opposing pokemon.
  • Low Kick is used over Close Combat as the corresponding Max Knuckle power is higher. It doesn't hit as hard in most situations, but this will be made up for after boosting your Attack. Just be wary of opposing Dynamax users
  • Protect is standard doubles fare, allowing Scrafty to stay in against an unfavorable pokemon while its partner deals with it. This is particularly relevant after boosts, since most of your momentum is gained through Dynamax
  • Iron Head is an option to get an edge against opposing Fairy-types. It is chosen over Poison Jab due to Max Steelspike having higher power over Max Ooze, and the added bonus of boosting the team's defense as well

Usage Tips
  • Have Scrafty lead or have a way to bring it in for free against the pokemon it can KO easily in order to get the best start to its setup
  • Impish or Careful natures can be used. Most attacks that really threaten Scrafty are special, but a few physical hits are also notable (namely Close Combat from Kommo-o and Brave Bird from Braviary)
  • This version of Scrafty takes a more center role and functions best on teams that can support it, rather than it supporting its teammates

Team Options
  • Scrafty's abysmal speed tier appreciates utility support. Tailwind allows it to outspeed some threats, helping it to sweep more effectively
  • Partners with healing capabilities can also be used to keep Scrafty on the field longer

Other Options
  • Shed Skin can be used with a Rest / Bulk Up set, but was not explored. Shed Skin is unreliable, thus shouldn't be used with Sleep Talk, and spending turns asleep is a huge liability in doubles
  • When using Intimidate, Eject Pack is an option for a free switch to reset after Close Combat, making extra Intimidate activations and Fake Outs even easier
  • Scrafty also has access to Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Poison Jab, Zen Headbutt, and Dragon Claw, should you desire different coverage for your team to fit specific needs

Checks and Counters

**Fairy- / Flying- / Fighting- Types**: These pokemon tend to both resist Scrafty's attacks as well as hit it hard for super effective damage. Scrafty's bulk best suits it in neutral type matchups.

**Dusclops**: With its eviolite boosted defense, Dusclops can easily take a Throat Chop or Max Darkness and respond with WoW. Burn is crippling to Scrafty, as the residual damage hinders its survivability (again, low HP is its main issue), and more importantly the drop in Attack essentially nullifies the advantage it has against a neutral field.

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