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Here's my list, off we go

#1: Rotom

  • It's the same Pokemon, nothing has really changed since the analysis was written imo
  • Mention Bulky Rotom also spinblocks Kabutops, who is the best spinner in the tier
  • Sandslash isn't viable and hence should not be mentioned but I'll handle that via SCMS
Analysis Worthy?: Yes, it's RU
Revamp Worthy: No

#2: Zweilous

  • It's being revamped atm, Swamp-Rocket's revamp is good atm
  • Sub+3 Attacks is the set that should be there anyways, I used it and I'm pretty impressed
  • Other than that the revamp in progress is fine and has Zweilous's two viable sets
Analysis Worthy?: Yes
Revamp Worthy?: It's in progress

#3: Spiritomb

  • Yay I get to look at two Ghosts! (I have a pretty big fetish for Ghost-types lol)
  • Slash Foul Play into the All-Out Attacker set, it's great so Spiritomb has a legit chance against Kabutops
  • Maybe slash Shadow Sneak into the defensive set
  • This is fine otherwise
Analysis Worthy?: Yes
Revamp Worthy?: No

#4: Articuno

  • It's a pretty niche Pokemon, and really needs a lot of support. It's viable though
  • Rename the Counters section to Checks and Counters for fucks sake lol
  • Lol Wynaut
  • Mention Cinccino alongside Klinklang, they break past the Sub and outright murder it
  • Remove Armaldo because it's pretty irrelevant
  • Mention Hurricane in OO
Analysis Worthy?: Barely, but yes
Revamp Worthy?: Probably not

#5: Scraggy

  • Little version of one of the best Pokemon ever created
  • The current analysis is rather recent, nothing has changed since it was written
  • Nothing really needs to be changed
Analysis Worthy?: Yes
Revamp Worthy?: No

#6: Lapras
  • It's viable, albeit barely
  • Definitely needs a revamp, it's fluffy
Analysis Worthy?: Yeah
Revamp Worthy?: Yes, definitely

#7: Pinsir
  • Second manliest Bug behind Scolipede imo
  • The analysis is fine; nothing needs to be changed imo
Analysis Worthy?: Hell yeah
Revamp Worthy?: Nah

#8: Mr. Mime
  • This is really fluffy. The overview can be toned down a bit. All it really says is that it's a decent Baton Passer
  • NP to OO, CM Mesprit is a lot better at a legit sweeping chance]
Analysis Worthy?: Yes
Revamp Worthy?: Yes imo

#9: Cacturne
  • I think this is fine
  • Emphasize in the overview though that it faces a lot of competition as a Spiker from Scolipede and Roselia (among other relevant spikers like Qwilfish, Accelgor, etc.)
  • SD and special sets deserve a mention in OO imo
Analysis Worthy?: Yes
Revamp Worthy?: Some changes via SCMS will do

#10: Gallade
  • Eon just updated it
  • This is fine, nothing has changed of course
Analysis Worthy?: Of course
Revamp Worthy?: Nah, it just got updated

#11: Kangaskhan
  • The analysis was updated not too long ago
  • This is good, not much has changed
Analysis Worthy?: Yeah
Revamp Worthy?: No

#12: Mandibuzz
  • KACAW!
  • The analysis is fine imo, goes well in depth of what Mandibuzz does
  • KACAW! is underrated and needs more usage
Analysis Worthy?: Yes
Revamp Worthy?: Nope

#13: Steelix
  • This is an amazing physical wall
  • Mention Curse is eh because Steelix's SpD is mediocre
  • This is good
Analysis Worthy?: Yes
Revamp Worthy?: No

#13: Carracosta
  • This is a very good analysis for Costa
  • Scolipede and Roselia deserve a mention imo because they have really good synergy with Costa
  • Hazard support is common sense though
Analysis Worthy?: Yeah
Revamp Worthy?: No

#14: Cryogonal

  • One of the two viable spinners in RU
  • Mention HP Ground in AC of offensive to pummel Entei and Emboar on the switch in
  • I know Escavalier is already mentioned in C&C but it needs a much stronger mention because it murders Cryogonal in a hundred ways
  • These can be done via SCMS though
Analysis Worthy?: Of course
Revamp Worthy?: No, we can just edit it

#15: Rotom-C

  • The analysis was recently updated
  • Nothing has really changed
Analysis Worthy?: Yes
Revamp Worthy?: No

This is a WIP but here I'm posting it for now.
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Noticed as I was reading Lapras that it definitely needs a full revamp. It is way overhyped and outdated. You don't have to do anything else besides say it needs a revamp :p
Ok, I mentioned this over irc briefly yesterday, but I figured I'd toss it out here in order to get some kind of additional input on it. Personally, I feel as though Offensive Cryogonal should be running a slightly bulkier spread if it's to be used at all, namely 72 HP / 32 Def / 208 SpA / 196 Spe, and mentioning specifically it should be running 2 Atk IVs (since it's the least it can run while maintaining a 70 BP HP Fire); this spread guarantees that Cryogonal will never get 2HKOed by Foul Play after SR (0 Atk Spiritomb Foul Play vs. 72 HP / 32 Def Cryogonal: 94-112 (31.43 - 37.45%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Stealth Rock) and improves it's chances of surviving a Lefties Drudd's Sucker Punch after SR by 43.75% (from 93.75% to 50%), while hardly detracting from Cryogonal's overall offensive presence. Since it's last revamp, both targets of this change have become significantly more common (and technically Foul Play Misdreavus has gotten more acknowledgement as well, though I imagine many will agree this is significantly less pertinent), and I personally have seen no reason not to run this spread over the on-site one as of yet. While some may argue that such a change is fairly inconsequential in execution (SpDef 'Tomb only takes 32-38% from IBeam, it still risks a 50% chance of being OHKOed by Drudd), this change opens a window for offensive Cryo that it otherwise would not have, and it does it without taking away from it's other strong points in a noticeable way (Cryo can effectively force 'Tomb into RestTalk cycles by hitting w/IBeam on the switch w/SR up, and from there having the leniency to fish for crits / high damage rolls w/out risk of being forced into a corner by lucky Sleep Talk pulls, IBeaming directly into Lefties Drudd is no longer an incredibly compromising option, etc.).

Oh, and while I'm here, we are changing the on-site Steelix spread to 252 HP / 96 Def / 160 SpD this time around, right???????

Thanks friends, I appreciate your willingness to invest your time in my ramblings n_n

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