Tournament scRUb League 3: Round 1

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Hello and welcome to round 1 of the third edition of scRUb League! This week is essentially like a quarterfinal, as the four victors this week will move on to the next round, while all losers will be eliminated completely.

The Gay-Agenda-Advancing Araquanids (1) vs. The Alt-Right Roserades (4)
Manager: pancake vs. Feliburn
SM: teachable vs. Lax
SM: Antgeezy vs TraceofLife
SM: Many vs. Drew
ORAS: Drud vs. ilesaural
BW: Rakan vs. Paraplegic
BW: Miyami~~ vs. Twixtry

The AIDS-Giving Aipoms (0) vs. The Meninist Moltres (3)
Manager: Kushalos vs. Ajna
SM: Sam I Yam vs. SableyeMyBae
SM: eifo vs. Lennart
SM: Chrisloud1 vs. TSR
ORAS: Espeonage. vs. EviGaro
ORAS: Cheryl. vs. Sra. Monse
BW: Mythologically vs. Xiri
BW: omastar vs. Mikaav

The Literally Kill Yourself Swellow (3) vs. The Taliban Tyrantrums (2)
Manager: Raseri vs. Arifeen
SM: Hamhamhamham vs. Wamr
SM: KoldKappuccino vs. ItzViper482
SM: Melle2402 vs. Ice Tray
ORAS: Rapture vs. MrAldo
ORAS: Aurora vs. TheWall
BW: Megazard vs. Metal Sonic
BW: Double01 vs. BelmontGabriel

The LaVar Ball Baltoys (3) vs. The Fucking Rekt Feebas (4)
Manager: Natural Talent vs. Peef Rimgar
SM: SOMALIA vs. Stan Soojung
SM: balakay97 vs. blazenix
SM: Bengsu vs. Jason Genova
ORAS: iRKD vs. Twix
ORAS: Empo vs. lightninging
BW: EricSaysHi vs. chop
BW: MiyoKa vs. Broken Phobias

Here are the rules for all of the tiers:
  • SM RU
    • Each player must use 4 Pokemon
    • Everything over base 80 Speed is banned
    • All Pokemon must be holding Choice Scarf
    • Chansey, Level 80 Primal Groudon, Level 77 Darkrai, and Level 80 Shaymin-S are legal
    • Knock Off, Trick, and Switcheroo are banned
    • All Fighting-type moves are banned
  • BW RU
    • Every player must use Moltres, and Moltres must only have the move Hurricane
    • Stealth Rock is banned
    • All Pokemon must be holding Brightpowder
  • Managers will play each other in Standard GSC LC this round, for which we will be using the banlist in the OP of this thread.
An additional thing to note is that replays are required for this tournament, and your match will be declared void without one.

The deadline for this round is sometime on Friday afternoon when I post the next round. To receive an activity win you must make a clear case outlining why you should receive the win; alternatively, if you are an active trash talker, this will work in your favor.

First person to post nothing else but that they contacted their opponent (doing what I just said above about activity wins does not apply; you know what I'm talking about here) will receive an automatic loss. Have fun everyone!
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