Tournament scRUb League 3: Round 1

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Empo didnt show. i cant play tomorrow bc school+travel. screenshots available, check his profile for proof of scheduling.
lol nah you didnt show. I have been online for all my evening and you wrote that post at 4 am. I cant play that late and stop pretending to be active while you didnt.
"There you are 'hero'.“

The tiny bit of sarcasm in the unuasually so soft and charming voice let Arifeen quickly turn her head.

"Ah Kingler12345 it’s you. No, 'I love you!' or 'I missed you so much it was unbearable!'?"

"How about: 'How could you leave me alone for six months?'!"

Arifeen wanted to reply but it too felt like a long time for her. She didn’t know what happened with Kingler12345 or with the world at all. Everything looked the same as she remembered although everything felt different than before.

"The doctor said you’re stable now" Kingler12345 said "I’m sorry form my tone it’s just…"

Kingler12345 hugged Arifeen. She grasped her so heavily Arifeen could barely move.

"It’s okay… I missed you too."

Arifeen felt bad. She couldn’t let Kingler12345 know what really happened during this six months of her absence. She was part of a secret experiment which had the goal of breaking the inner human barrier and thus granting them abilities no one could even think of. The official story lieutenant Raseri told the outside world was that she with 23 other hostages had been held captive and injured herself during an successful rescue attempt leaving her in a coma. She only has 2 days until the serum stocks will be filled again and the experiments will go on as usual. So she thought at least…

They went their way home and on the early hours of the next morning their harmony was interrupted in a rather harsh way. NaturalTalent another ‚test subject‘ as doctor atomicllamas liked to call them came to their house. She was exhausted, scars and bruises all over her body and her eyes were nothing but blank and dead.

"What happened to you?" Arifeen asked.

"Atomicllamas and Raseri… they’re insane… our entire system… is corrupted… others wanted to come with me… Megazard… Kiyo… and Miyami... everyone fell…"

NaturalTalent coughed blood.


NaturalTalent moved her bloody hand right in front of Arifeens face. At first glance it didn’t look unusual but with a closer look she could see small fragments within it. They almost looked like black crystals.

"This…. is what they do… to us. They change our entire bloodcells… into crystals… containing a virus… that will… rob our will and make us.. to.. living.. dead.. marionnettes…."

NaturalTalents body fell tot he ground. It looked like she lost too much blood…the other option being the virus.

"No way… I..I need to get away from @kingler12345." Arifeen thought.

"I don’t want to hurt her – but will she understand..."

Arifeen went upstairs and looked at Kingler12345 while she was sleeping peacefully.

Tears fell onto the ground. She promised her to never cry and hold her pride high.

"This is too much." – "I can’t bear this." – "Why do I have to do this to her."

Thought after thought flew through Arifeens mind. Nothing made sense but so did everything. She was still human after all.

"I will spend my last days with her not even noticing anything – and then I will run. Run so far away that I can’t do harm to anyone. But first I need to hide NaturalTalent."

Arifeen held her resolve. She burried NaturalTalent in the woods and spent the last two days with Kingler12345. She gave her all love she had not quite as much as she would’ve liked to but it had to do.

During the last night Arifeen went out of their bed to run.

"I will never see you again will I?"

Kingler12345 asked. She stood up silently while Arifeen was trying to calm herself.

"I.. I’m sorry.. I wish I could do anything to change this.." replied Arifeen

"You know I will always love you Arife-"

A window shattered. Arifeen shivered watching @kingler12345s body fall onto the ground.

No.. No this can’t be. Arifeen quickly ran to her. She was dead. Arifeen looked at a hole in her head.

"Miss Arifeen your vacation was over yesterday." A deep voice said. It was Raseri!

"You know how we deal with those who disrespect the rules of our facility. We rather get rid of you know before a word spreads out and the world will act against us."

A loud sound. Darkness spread before Arifeens eyes. Darkness that perfectly matched the despair Arifeen felt at that moment.

"So this is death. Not quite as painful as I always imagined." She thought.

Although her head did hurt she… wait her head hurt? Arifeen realized she also could move her fingers. She lifted her hands and quickly came to a stop. A wooden wall? What in the world was happening. She pushed with everything she had and a glimmer of dim light shined through some crack. She pushed further and the wooden wall fell. She stoodup and looked around. A coffin? And where was she? Arifeen asked herself many questions.

The room she was in had some candles spread around the ground. The walls were made out of stone and were a bit mossy. There was only one entrance in the entire room. It was a balcony and someone looked down from it into the night sky.

"I see you finally woke up." The person said.

"Am I dead?" Arifeen asked.

"Actually you kind of are. Or to put it better – you were."

"I were?"

"Well yes. NaturalTalent brought me to you when you were having some – uninvited guests."

"Raseri… Wait wasn’t NaturalTalent dead? And what happend to @kingler12345?"

"You mean your Girlfriend? Unfortunately we couldn’t save her. But Raseri – hmpf – he shouldn’t be a problem anymore."

"Why? Why could you save me and not her! She deserves to live so much more than I do!"

"Well we could only rescue you because the virus you had within yourself kept you a few moments from dying. A bullet straight through the head? There aren’t much humans who could survive that!"

"Humans?" Arifeen asked.

"Yes I could only rescue you by destroying the crystals in your blood and force your body to mutate. The same way I did with NaturalTalent. You are a Vampire now."


"Yes, I dislike the false death atomicllamas creates with his experiments so I search for allies."

"I’ll do everything to avenge @kingler12345!" Arifeen shouted.

"I didn’t expect anything less. After that I’ll show you a way to bring you and Kingler12345 back together. But you will need my help to get through the depths of deaths realm."

"Who are you?"

"I am the Dark Lord of mankind - I am Dracula. – I am BelmontGabriel!"
lol nah you didnt show. I have been online for all my evening and you wrote that post at 4 am. I cant play that late and stop pretending to be active while you didnt.
you never specified your timezone. henceforward, i assumed we were talking about my timezone. here is proof:

edit: you claim i wrote that post @ 4 am. in eastern standard time it was much closer to 11pm.


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Great story BelmontGabriel, you receive a win.

My opponent didnt had the decency for contact for the prestigious that we wouild hold for the prestigious scRUb league and that isnt only disheartening, but offensive for the spirit of this prestigious tournament.

So this only leave me with the shameful decision of requesting activity. I will take anything to compensate, this prestigious tournament demands it.
Unfortunately, I forgot to mention that each post can only use the word "prestigious" a maximum of three times. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to disqualify you for this round for breaking this important rule.

complete legitimacy

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The deadline has now passed. Thank you to everyone that played their games. Antgeezy wins by activity, and Empo wins by coinflip. I'm not gonna bother flipping the rest because the results might not be fair to the people who did play.

Thus, the Alt-Right Roserades, the Meninist Moltres, the Literally Kill Yourself Swellow, and the Fucking Rekt Feebas advance to the next round. New thread will be up shortly.
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