Season 1 (Week 1 [RBY #2]) Won by DrunkPriest

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The next 31 people to sign up are in. (I am in) Pairings will be posted on this post when sign ups are full.

Round 1

Justin8649 vs. ThundaBolt
Explodus vs. skarm
Mekkah vs. StS
cookkirby vs. Fuzion
jpchato vs. Atlas
abspct vs. TheNewGuy
Bugsy23 vs. Yosuke
haxubers vs. teh_pookar
Pidgeot500 vs. Aeouls
tenchi17 vs. omni
Gomez vs. Obi2Kenobi
Blaze8 vs. 0_o
peter_pan vs. DrunkPriest
Hipno vs. Darkbolt
Cless vs. Spaced
Cerberus vs. Roy

Round 2

Justin8649 vs. Cerberus
Explodus vs. Spaced
Mekkah vs. Darkbolt
cookkirby vs. DrunkPriest
jpchato vs. 0_o
abspct vs. Gomez
Bugsy23 vs. tenchi17
haxubers vs. Pidgeot500

Round 3

Justin8649 vs. haxubers
Explodus vs. Bugsy23
Mekkah vs. Gomez
DrunkPriest vs. 0_o

Round 4

haxubers vs. DrunkPriest
Bugsy23 vs. Mekkah

Most Surprising Finals EVER?

vs. Bugsy23

Congrats to Assman for winning!

Blaze has been DQ'd in the first round, -5 points to him.
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