Season 15 (Week 1 [ADV OU #1]) Won by CrashinBoomBang

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My Recording Software decided it'd be a (BAN ME PLEASE) about quality tonight so I'm going to edit the videos to make picture quality clearer. You can still read the logs and watch the games but it's not overtly appealing atm.

On the choice between taking a few days to get the videos clear or getting them up now and editing them later, I'd rather get them up now and edit them later:

Round 1 (Bloo vs Jirachi)

Round 2 (Rewer vs Hyperbeem)

Round 4 (TFC vs CyberOdin)

Quarterfinals (McMeghan vs Twash)

Finals (CrashinBoomBang vs Ojama - song chosen by CBB)

Again, sorry about the quality issues, but this is for anyone who missed tour
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