Special Season 17: Level 1


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Hey, does anyone know why Wigglytuff is legal here?
urgh that'll be cuz I messed up on my preliminary legality list on the first page that didn't have a lot of double-checking going on. And i had no idea they'd copy that list w/ all its errors & typos (partly because PGL has not announced a list of available Pokemon. The competition technically allows every Pokemon, leading some hackers to use illegal Level 1 Pokemon). But now it's reported and will be fixed whenever the next server reset is.

edit: i went through the list twice just now, found 1 more error. (Wishiwashi, though it cannot activate Schooling & is thus competitively irrelevant). Hopefully, this should be the last error on the list.
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cant say

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After testing a bunch of teams and ideas in the low ladder, I swapped to Theorymon’s team to get to 1600, then used my own team to get to 1700! I decided to write a RMT so go check that out if you’re interested.


I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go further, finding games at this rank is really tough, and it seems general ladder activity is starting to drop off :(

I’d love to push for 1750 or even 1800 but I might start to think about BSS soon instead

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