Season 4 Farm League - Week 1

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Are we allowed to use the pokemon that dropped down today? Because the ladder hasn't updated yet...

Edit: we should have battled now but my opp isn't online. Activity


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Okay, I'm facing an annoying issue.

My Internet provider is down untill January 10th.
Thus, I demand an extension for the two games I have to play, I've been in touch with one of my opponents, I never heard of the second one.
If the extension is refused, I apologize and won't contest any "activity win" (but given it's not the point of the tourney... well I can only apologize in fact).
Once again sorry, I'll make sure I get the games done on the 10th if I get the possibility for the directors of the farm league.

I'm here on the Wifi of my school if you're wondering, and it won't be possible to use it to get my matchs done.
But I can still receive and send messages.
Thank you, and sorry.
my opponent was not on at our decided time ( well, I think it was because he has not got in touch with me since the 1st) all he said was he wanted to battle on the 2nd, and he didn't turn up then, so I said lets battle same time tomorrow but no reply and no dubulous. it is clear he is receiving my messages as he is on every day in the morning (for me) but he is just not replying

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