Season 4 Farm League - Week 1

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oh i'm really sorry, my pc broke and i could not access it.
apparently pkrs didn't send a msg to me or posted here too.
i'll try to meet him today.


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I know you guys aren't really monitoring activity but its the best I can do right now.

I've received 3 separate VMs from my opponent that simply ask "you can battle?" or "when can you battle" but then when I try to schedule an actual time to get the battle done I either get no response or "I'm online all the days men". I've even caught one of the "can you battle" vms ten minutes after it was posted and when I went to reply my opponent had gone offline.

I understand we have very different time zones but this is a very busy time for me right now and I don't have the time to wait for a "can you battle now" vm all day. I've even told my opponent I'd make myself available for a certain time on the fourth and received no reply plus he was offline at the time. Its some of my families last day in town so its unlikely this will get done.

Activity post I guess.


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I got my game done but I want to say I also find people on smogon have been using the "lets battle now" method of getting matches done. This is ok if its done in addition to setting up an actual time. But some people seem to not easily respond with a specific time (this has happened to me in a bunch of events).
I contacted my opponent and he said that he could battle on Saturday at 3:00 but at 3:00 he wasn't online at that time and I contacted him today on a time where we could battle but he hasn't responded yet.
activity, anyone of my opponents showed up :l ! tito never answered my vm, and the last activity of brotom was on Jan 1st ...


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Apologies to seco and KidChameleon, I've been out of town with no internet access since early Thursday. Hopefully we can still do these battles since, well, our schedule is going to be the same every week with a 3 man round robin, so records don't matter for bracketing.
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