Season 4 Farm League - Week 2

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BW2 RU with 6 Participants

complete legitimacy (1-0) vs Xx Coren37 (1-0)
Meeps (1-0) vs Living Things (0-1)
Level 51 (0-1) vs Feranfell (0-1)
Me and smith have gotten in contact with each other. he says he is very available on irc but has not arranged a time. although we should be able to get this done.


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I'm currently having problems with my computer. I'm hoping to get it fixed this week. If I can't, I'll let you know in a few days so I can battle from my phone. Sorry for the inconvenience!
That's what he said.
But, he seems reasonable and nice so, we'll work everything out and get it done, prior to the deadline.
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