Season 4 Farm League - Week 2

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Apparently, he hasn't made any second efforts while I've been active.
He has "computer problems" so he has to "play on his phone."
No contact since saying that, been waiting for some word / activity but, he's showed none.
sorry for throwing you under the bus.
Hey, I am in a sort of sticky exam situation. Could you play 8pm your time on Saturday or Sunday? I won`t be able to idle much, so I need a specific time. If not, I don`t think we will get this done before the deadline. In that case, I suggest that we play at sometime next week, as "Activity will not be closely followed". A coin flip would look bad for both of us.
This is my last message to my opponent for the time being. We have conflicting timezones, so I`m not sure if we will be able to do our match before the deadline. Not going to call activity for something like this though.
I scheduled a match with my opponent for right now but apparently he might've thought the match was going to be 5:00 PM France time. I'll see if I can get in touch with him on Saturday
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