Season 5 Farm League - Sign-ups!

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Although the auction has come and gone, for those of you who did not get bought, fear not! The goal of the Farm League is to find the best players for each tier that were not bought at the auction. Then, when midseason rolls around, the managers will be able to see exactly who has done well in each tier and be able to bid accordingly. While doing well in the farm league does not guarantee you being bought during the midseason, performing well will dramatically increase your chances of being on a SPL team for the second half of the season!

The general premise of the Farm League is as follows:

- Anyone who is NOT currently on an SPL team is welcome to sign up.
- You are to sign up for ONE tier only
- Each week, players who signed up for the same tier will be paired up against each other.
- After week 1, players with identical records will be paired. For example, in week 2, players who are 1-0 will play against each other, as will players who are 0-1.
- By midseason, there should be a few players in each tier that stand out above the rest!

The Farm League will start very soon (Monday, December 23) and will run each week up to and with SPL. You will have ONE week to complete your matches. I will not try to badger any of the players for activity: it is ENTIRELY up to the players to get these matches done.

Sign-ups are rolling sign-ups, meaning you can enter at any time until the Farm League is over but you'll only be entered in the week after you join.

Sign up Form: Remember, pick ONE of the SPL tiers: XY OU, XY Ubers, XY LC, XY Doubles, BW OU, UU, RU, NU, DPP OU, ADV OU, GSC OU

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