Season 5 Mafia Championships - Voting Stage (see post #42)


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There's currently a two person tie for second, with only one vote separating them from the lead.

Possible courses of action:
-say "fuck it" and send the person in first
-do a 3 man runoff
-beg on a street corner for more votes

lemme know what y'all wanna do


Genious to some... retard to most
i havent made a case for myself yet under the premise of letting the votes go where people felt but under the arrogant assumption im in contention...

invitational redux - scum - victory
not much due to my own actions, i got swamped with school and encouraged fh + ag to bus me
invitational - town - no contest
thought i did quite well d1 despite drawing wrong conclusions, was going to go for yeti d2. i don’t think i would have caught ms this game
Animal mafia - town - loss
i got killed n1, not sure why considering i didn’t have much of an impact this game
bards college - scum - victory
lynched day 3 (investigated)
The Thing - scum - victory
doesn’t really count but here for completion
Nomination - scum - no contest
I’m inclined to think i had a good chance of winning at f3 tho
c9++ - town - victory
probably my strongest town game all year, and I’m inclined to say the strongest smogon town performance from last year. caught scum earlio d1, and was pushing for scum kirsch to be lynched from day 1 as well
Vamp game - town - victory
matrix 12 - town - loss
i lost internet during this game and as such had extremely spotty presence and couldn’t maintain my strong d1 where i established myself as town. i think i got subbed out for rssp1 and he got ml’d sorry bout that. came down to f3 where empoof ml’d hawkie
popcorn - town - loss
i fucked up at f3 but in my defence, i advocated for not one, not two but three individual players at different points of the game to never be shot and town would auto win and guess what - someone shot all 3 of those people and it came down to a pretty rough f3 for me between a largely inactive blazed and a very strong wolf performance from yeti
oc noc - town - victory

i think my last 12 months speaks for itself. i won a lot of my games, proved im capable at both factions, have been active throughout the whole year and i have shown i can adapt to mu meta when ive played there

vote asek!

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