Special Season 6: BSS UU!

Just a heads up folks: You got about 16 days until Global Link goes down for the USUM update! Im gonna post a rough viability list tomorrow night after class, but I know its a bit late, sorry about that! Took a while to get a handle on this metagame.

Anyways, this is where I'm at currently:

This team needs some fine tuning, but turns out: Nidoqueen is a really ferocious stall breaker, especially if you get it Horn Drill via an RBY transfer. I've been using it as a bulkier, more TR friendly version of Nidoking, and it's been doing quite well thus far!
What spreads do you use ? I don't have access to VC for Horn Drill Nidoqueen and wonder what can be the best move for replace it.

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