Season V Farm League - Week 2

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aurarayquaza won from me in this a couple of days ago but I thought it was for another tour lol

gg tho
Case by case, but in general:
  1. If both users are active on the forums, but have made no to little effort to contact eachother, nothing will happen, and their record will stay to what they had at the beginning of the round.
  2. If both users are inactive on the forums, both will be removed from the tournament.
  3. If one is active, whether or not they have made extensive contact, and one is inactive, the inactive one will be removed from the tournament, and the active participant will be given a + at the end of their record (0-0+, for example).
Inactive, for all intents and purposes, means a user who has not logged onto Smogon for a couple days (at the VERY least, 4 days from the time I prepare the round). Inactive users can be put back in by PMing me on Sunday, or being added by Oglemi for various reasons.
I received a minus next to my record. However, my partner, Level 51, and I were both active and attempting to battle, but unable because of timezones. I would even argue that I was more active than him. I am prepared to provide proof of this, but I don't want that minus to be there.
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