Season V Farm League - Week 3

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I contacted TheShinyMew64, but no response yet D:
also, toosuto is a cheater

Steelskitty (1-0) vs Toosuto (0-1)
Fail's Papercut (1-0) vs Killerbunny (0-0+)

XY Doubles
K-NiGhT (0-0) vs Toosuto (0-0)
I've contacted my guy but he/she still hasn't replied, question what is the best way to contact someone, is it just start a conversation with them or...
VM'd my opponent and he responded initially, but now has not responded since monday. guess we'll see if he shows up at some point
Contacted katana on Monday. He hasn't been active since Friday. Activity update jawn, I have tried contacting him and checking PO periodically.
lost to fitzy in a close one

stone edge crit made it harder for me but after that i had to risk a speed tie which i didn't,

gg anyway!
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