Season V Farm League - Week 4

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For Terraquaza and I we are hoping to play this weekend but our time zone difference is terrible. Hopefully we will get the game done tomorrow.

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My opponent has been inactive the whole week and decides to appear today and is now inactive again


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gl in the remaining weeks

Ps: I don't care much if I get a match next week, but if it screws things up then keep me in - if not, don't waste your time
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Activity with battle against cbt, asked to battle him on irc 6 times and said no every time.


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I've contacted ErzavsErza over the forums 2-3 times, and each time, he said he'd be on somewhere between 4:15 - 9:30 MST, and yet he never showed up... we have yet to play our match, and I'm not sure where to go from here.

EDIT: Upon reading this "activity" thing, if he doesn't show up tomorrow, I'd like to claim an activity win.
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