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Jolly July

After almost two weeks, it's time to have a thread for the new Seasonal! The creation of this one has been slowed down due to Smogon's downtime and my newfound chores, but it was about time!

This month you are travelling around the world with your Pokémon best mate and other 5 random Pokémon, competing against another trainer to be the first to win an endless battle around the globe or to finish the world round trip. Your lead is linked to your user id by a smart algorithm, so you will always have the same - unless you use another user, of course! The main theme, besides the travel, is summer, so there's plenty of beach, Fire-type, and Bug-type Pokémon

This is the random Pokémon list:
alomomola, arcanine, arceusfire, basculin, beautifly, beedrill, blastoise, blaziken, bouffalant, braviary, camerupt, carracosta, castform, celebi, chandelure, charizard, charmander, charmeleon, cherrim, chimchar, combusken, corsola, crawdaunt, crustle, cyndaquil, darmanitan, darumaka, drifblim, emboar, entei, escavalier, exeggutor, fearow, ferrothorn, flareon, galvantula, genesect, groudon, growlithe, hariyama, heatmor, heatran, heracross, hitmonchan, hitmonlee, hitmontop, honchkrow, hooh, houndoom, houndour, infernape, jirachi, jumpluff, kingler, kricketune, lampent, lanturn, lapras, larvesta, leafeon, leavanny, ledian, lilligant, litwick, lunatone, magby, magcargo, magmar, magmortar, mantine, meganium, miltank, moltres, monferno, murkrow, ninetales, numel, omastar, pansear, pignite, politoed, poliwrath, ponyta, primeape, quilava, raikou, rapidash, reshiram, rotomfan, rotomheat, rotommow, rotomwash, scizor, scyther, sharpedo, sigilyph, simisear, skarmory, slugma, solrock, stantler, staraptor, stoutland, suicune, sunflora, swoobat, tauros, tepig, thundurus, thundurustherian, torchic, torkoal, toxicroak, tropius, typhlosion, venomoth, venusaur, vespiquen, victini, victreebel, vileplume, volcarona, vulpix, wailord, whimsicott, xatu, yanmega, zapdos, zebstrika, zoroark.

Sorry for no caps, etc, I took it directly from the code this time :p
If you are interested in the name-Pokémon algorithm, here it is, since it's public anyways:

var hash = parseInt(crypto.createHash('md5').update(toId('hex').substr(0, 8), 16);
var random = (5 * hash + 6) % 649;
// Where random is the Pokedex number.
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