Seasonal Ladder [July: Fireworks Frenzy]


Spending daddy's money with an attitude
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Is War Crimes supposed to go through magic bounce?
It did for me
I forgot to save the replay, but screenshot:

And then after that, when I ran out of confusion, he also managed to just confuse me while I was already cursed.

If this is intentional, then Eevee General OP af priority rekage move, if not then Q_Q
Curse ignores Magic Bounce, so this is intended. Curses don't stack, but it makes sense that you can be re-confused also. Sorry m8. What's a Geneva Convention?
(I'm just gonna start posting my replays here.)

Clean 6-0 sweep with Skitty.

Birkal is clutch.

Joim OP!

TI is OP as well.

rofl rip in sweeps salty m8

Joim I think Articuno needs a nerf:

Also, is there some sort of petition or something I can sign to make this a permanent meta because this meta needs to be immortalized
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Would it be possible to turn these into actual moves (in the sense of CAP moves) so that we could continue to use them in custom battles even after the meta is gone next month?

Edit: And if so, presumably that would make it possible to have the move descriptions/effects listed in the client itself? Because as it stands, having to look up the effects in a different window is really the only barrier to this wonderful meta.
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Kim il Saturn Nah, Parting Shot is always bounced back by Magic Bounce. All these moves have a basis in existing moves, and "Aaaand... he's gone!" is based off of Parting Shot.

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