Seasonal Ladder [July: Fireworks Frenzy]


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I have updated the seasonal, trying to make support viable and a main strategy in the game:
Slow Down now also reduces damage done by 15%.
Support now instead get Mat Block (Sacred Shield) instead of Protect (Evasion). This move sacrifices oneself's 25% HP and adds a team-wide shield that will protect once for 25% of damage received. It has +1 priority.
I've also added a full defensive tank set, and a set with an offensive option for support.
104th now (5 tapout wins in a row though), this meta is great! How do I join the commitee for deciding future monthly metas?


Banned deucer.
104th now (5 tapout wins in a row though), this meta is great! How do I join the commitee for deciding future monthly metas?
The Showdown staff develops the seasonals. Feel free to drop an idea in this thread if you have a good one and we might pass it along.
I'm not sure if this is the correct place to say this, but for some reason every time another player turns on the timer, I lose time each and every turn, eventually making it so I automatically lose to inactivity, this doesn't happen on other modes that I play on.
Sorry for the wait! Here's a colorful little Seasonal. (It will go live on August 1.)

[Seasonal] Rainbow Road
The current Seasonal Ladder is Rainbow Road! True to its name, the battle takes place on Rainbow Road (kinda). You aren't racing to the finish line, though, and you can't fall off the track, but there are many Mario Kart-themed events that can help or hurt you, so look out! Moreover, each Pokemon can now harness the power of its complexion with a special Color Attack to bring untold devastation on their enemies!

Color Attacks are all 100 Base Power with 100 accuracy, and are either Physical or Special based on your higher stat. (Yes, that means you might end up with a Swords Dance Lucario with a Special Color Attack. Deal with it.) Instead of type effectiveness, however, it deals color effectiveness instead, based on these very simple rules:
  • Red/Pink attacks are super-effective on Yellow/Green, neutral against Red/Pink, and resisted by Blue/Purple.
  • Yellow/Green attacks are super-effective on Blue/Purple, neutral against Yellow/Green, and resisted by Red/Pink.
  • Blue/Purple attacks are super-effective on Red/Pink, neutral against Blue/Purple, and resisted by Yellow/Green.
You are almost guaranteed to get 2 of each color group, with a small chance of getting 3 in one of the groups, so you don't have to be worried about getting swept simply because you got the wrong colors! (Also, no White, Gray, Black, or Brown Pokemon will appear in this Seasonal.)

A variety of items litter the track in this game as well, and can get picked up at the beginning of every turn (before anyone moves). However, instead of being held, they activate immediately on you instead! You're guaranteed to not get items twice in a row, but getting the wrong items can make things much more chaotic! The items are as follows:
  • Blue Spiny Shell: If you have 2 more non-fainted Pokemon than your opponent, the grand ruiner of friendships will start to appear over the horizon. (They become very common, too!) Getting pelted by one of these monsters will instantly take out 50% of your active Pokemon's HP.
  • Mushroom/Golden Mushroom: Whoosh! Collecting either of these items will allow you to rush full speed ahead, increasing your speed to 1.75x! The only difference between the two is the Golden Mushroom lasts 2-3 turns, while a regular Mushroom only boosts your speed for the turn you collect it. (Also, you can't have both active at once.)
  • Banana: Slipping on one of the bananas on the track will cause you to spin out temporarily, causing your Pokemon to flinch for the turn. (It doesn't prevent you from switching, though.) Flying-type Pokemon and Pokemon with Levitate cannot slip on banana peels.
  • Blooper: If a blooper sprays ink on your screen, it becomes harder to see, reducing the accuracy of all your moves by 60% for the turn!
  • Lightning: If you get struck by lightning, you'll shrink for a turn. Since you're smaller for the turn, you'll take double damage and deal half damage! You'll also be slightly harder to hit, but not by much.
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