Seasonal Ladder [July: Fireworks Frenzy]

just commented to say this is the best seasonal meta i've ever played. hazard pass and jdardens wyvern wind are SO nasty together hahaha
So I've chatted with a couple of people about it, and general consensus among the universe SEEMS to be that a version of Super Staff Bros with teambuilding would be cool.

Also, if June Ladder isn't Kirby-themed, the purely hypothetical puppy gets it. and by "it", I mean being forced to meet a lot of kittens. You know that puppies don't like kittens.
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it's near the end of the run, and there's not too much activity now

I guess you could say there's some... SEASONAL ROT

Kirby Planet Robobot for next Seasonal by the way
Can you make it so that 'mons don't get Earthquake, please? With all 'mons either Flying type or Levitating (besides a few mega evolutions), it's just a wasted moveslot.

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