Seasonal Ladder - May (May Mayhem)

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May Mayhem

Pic by Bummer
Here we are again with a new Seasonal delivered to you by the PS Staff! To be released in three days, this new seasonal features several seasonal themes: It's still spring and there's flowers and bugs everywhere, May 4th is the unofficial Star Wars Day (may the 4th be with you), which happens to be the Remembrance of the Dead Day in Netherlands, we also have the Music Month in New Zealand alongside May 5th, the Mother's Day in a lot of countries, and some other gimmick holidays: sock holiday, Save the Rhino Day, Frog Jumping Jubilee, National Escargot Day and the Peace Day, for which a lot of Pokémon are wearing purple! Last but not least, all the Pokémon used by May in the anime are featured as well. Oh, the puns! This month won't see several wacky mechanics as the previous seasonals, but to celebrate the month of music offensive Pokémon will choose Metronome as their item of Choice, whilst more defensive Pokémon will opt for a Berry, since they can be found everywhere in spring. Additionally, you might find specific lyrics while battling, but I'd let you discover that, dear player ;) As usual, you can find below the list of Pokémon for each theme.

Cherrim, Joltik, Surskit, Combee, Kricketot, Kricketune, Ferrothorn, Roserade, Roselia, Budew

Clefairy as Princess Leia

Clefable as Han Solo
Piloswine as Chewbacca

Deoxys as Darth Vader

Celebi as Yoda

Jirachi as Luke Skywalker

Meloetta, Mareep (New Zealand lol), Chatot, Loudred, Ludicolo, Sudowoodo

Yamask, Chandelure, Jellicent, Arceus-Ghost, Gengar, Cofagrigus, Giratina, Rotom, Duskull, Dusclops, Dusknoir, Spiritomb

Kangaskhan, Marowak, Blissey

Nidoking, Espeon, Muk, Weezing, Grimer, Swalot, Crobat, Hydreigon, Arbok, Genesect, Gliscor, Aerodactyl, Ambipom, Drapion, Drifblim, Venomoth, Spiritomb, Rrattata, Grumpig, Liepard, Sableye

Sawk (Sock Holiday)
Rhydon, Rhyperior, Rhyhorn (Save the Rhino Day)
Politoed (Frog Jumping Jubilee)
Gastrodon (National Escargot Day)
Magcargo (ditto)

Blaziken, Beautifly, Skitty, Venusaur, Munchlax, Wartortle, Glaceon, Manaphy, Hitmonchan

Feel free to comment any improvement or Pokémon lacking, and once the ladder is released, have fun!


@ NeverMeltIce
great, i was waiting for this.

additionally, in the Remembrance of the Dead, idk though but the Duskull line and spiritomb could be added, no?
You forgot Cinco de Mayo!!!

Ludicolo is mentioned already, but Lombre should show up also. I'll go through later and look for any more of our Spanish Pokemon friends.
Looks like fun, can't wait to play.

Can we add Revnankh and Mollux for remembrance of the dead and escargot day, respectively? Or are CAP's Discouraged from seasonal?
Rembrance of the Dead is pretty much Cinco de Mayo.
even though im dutch, I`d still prefer Cinco de Mayo -> Rembrance of the Dead
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