Seasonal Ladder - Octoberfest

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This month's seasonal features two holidays: Oktoberfest (obviously) and Halloween!
The Pokémon that may be found on this Seasonal are either Dark-types, Ghost-types, or humanoids.

There're two moves that are working differently for this Seasonal: Present, renamed to Offer Beer, and Trick, which works as a trick or treat. Offer Beer gives a special beer to opposing Pokémon, giving it several side effects in the form of boosts. Trick has a random effect, mostly tricks and a few treats, either helping the using Pokémon or trampling the enemy Pokémon with some sort of volatile status.

This is the list of Pokémon:
absol, alakazam, banette, beheeyem, bellossom, bisharp, blissey, cacturne, carvanha, chandelure, cofagrigus, conkeldurr, crawdaunt, darkrai, deino, drapion, drifblim, drifloon, dusclops, dusknoir, duskull, electivire, frillish, froslass, gallade, gardevoir, gastly, gengar, giratina, golett, golurk, gothitelle, hariyama, haunter, hitmonchan, hitmonlee, hitmontop, honchkrow, houndoom, houndour, hydreigon, hypno, infernape, jellicent, jynx, krokorok, krookodile, lampent, leavanny, liepard, lilligant, litwick, lopunny, lucario, ludicolo, machamp, magmortar, mandibuzz, medicham, meloetta, mienshao, mightyena, misdreavus, mismagius, mrmime, murkrow, nuzleaf, pawniard, poochyena, probopass, purrloin, roserade, rotom, sableye, sandile, sawk, scrafty, scraggy, sharpedo, shedinja, shiftry, shuppet, skuntank, sneasel, snorlax, spiritomb, stunky, throh, toxicroak, tyranitar, umbreon, vullaby, weavile, wobbuffet, yamask, zoroark, zorua, zweilous
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Murkrow is the dumbest thing, I swear. Prankster Substitute, Trick, and Present x___x
Any Trick that causes Leech Seed still seeds a Grass type, sorry I don't have a replay (I copied he link and left the battle but apparently it didn't actually copy)
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