Second Place Parroting 2 [Game over, won by Martin]


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Also known as Second Best Sheep by some, Second Place Parroting is a simple game. I will ask 10 questions each round, and you will score points equal to the number of people that send in the same answer as you. There is no such thing as an incorrect answer, so if I ask "the strongest Pokemon" and everybody replies "Bananas," then that was the best parrot answer. There’s one catch though - if you send in the most common answer to a question, you will get 0 points for that answer. This includes if multiple answers are tied as the most common.

Here is an example: If the question is “the strongest Pokémon” and 10 people answer “Bananas", 10 people answer “Vullaby”, 5 people answer “Rufflet”, and 1 person answers “Arceus”, the people who answered “Bananas” and “Vullaby” will get 0 points, the people who answered “Rufflet” will get 5 points, and the person who answered “Arceus” will get 1 point.

Questions are asked in sets of 10; after four sets I'll call the game and the person with the most points will be declared the winner. There is no talking to other players about your answers at all. People will send me their responses by PM, either here on Smogon or on Discord (I’m in the Circus Maximus discord).

If you wish to play, simply send me the answers to the first round of questions! Once you do I will put your name on the playerlist. Here's Round 1, with the category of Pokémon:

1. What is the lamest Fire-type starter?
2. Which Unova gym leader is the hardest?
3. Name a Pokémon game named after a colour.
4. What is the best dog Pokémon?
5. Name a berry that heals a status condition.
6. Scrafty has 3 pretty useful abilities. Which one are you most likely to use?
7. What type of Pokéball do you use most when playing though a game?
8. Name a +1 priority move.
9. Name a person that Ash has travelled with in the anime.
10. If you were a Pokémon, what type would you most want to be?

The deadline for the first round will be July 2nd at 7pm EDT, unless I don't get enough answers.

And just another reminder - no talking to others about your answers!
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