Secret Santa 7 - Round 2

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The deadline for this round is January 8. Some people were given activity wins, others were coin flipped from the last round.

Losers and their team owner:
Lunar. - LizardMan
~GreenCore - Pedrock
Fiction. - extremebeta
Remedy - Lunar.
Fantom0 - ThatsMyLatios
Atoni - fuzzy
Mikel - Lavos Spawn
TWEWY - kd24
Pr0man - Frog
ThatsMyLatios - Julius
Bad Ass - Kevin Garrett
obina. - Novaray
6A9 Ace Matador - undisputed
MadBull - Eo Ut Mortus
Mr C - obina.
shartuce2 - Hot N Cold
Sir - The Immortal
Lady Bug - BKC
mostwanted - Cicada
Alice - Hantsuki
DestinyUnknown - Atoni
Pedrock - Mr C
BKC - Colchonero
H-C - Pr0man
Frog - mostwanted
Jayde - 6A9 Ace Matador
Harsha - Blue Eon
Shun DK - Maaf
Princess Bri - apologies
Brammi - zdrup15
Cicada - MadBull
Novaray - Brammi

Round 2 pairings:
SoulWind vs MJB
Limitless vs Colchonero
MarceloDK vs Rewer
Myzozoa vs zdrup15
apologies vs Eo Ut Mortus
MikeDecIsHere vs fuzzy
Lavos Spawn vs Atticus
The Unlucky one vs undisputed
The Immortal vs Blue Eon
McMeghan vs Maaf
extremebeta vs kd24
CyberOdin vs Hantsuki
Julius vs .Robert
Kevin Garrett vs Organization Member XIV
Cherub Agent vs Hot N Cold
Vinc2612 vs LizardMan
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