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:gs/delibird: Secret Santa: The Pet Mod :gs/delibird:

In this Pet Mod, users can submit a wishlist for a fakemon they want. That wishlist consists a few attributes that range from Movepool, Typing, Abilities, Metagame Roles, Niches and so on. After the submission phase ends, I will randomly distribute the wishlist among the submitters. This whole process won't be held on the thread, since it's more interesting to work with a idea but not know whose idea it was.

All submitters either DM me with their wishlist or they type out a google docs (that detail I have to figure out)

Person A: Wants a special Grass/Fighting that wants to use a physical move (of any kind) reliably in any set (Not U-turn!)

Person B: Wants a Stallbreaker with Chien-Pao movepool

Person C: Wants a Fire/Ghost with low speed but high BP moves

Person D: Wants a low BST Pokemon with a good ability, that helps it become viable

Person E: Wants a Past Paradox of Krookodile

Now after everyone has submitted their wishlist, I randomly distributed them.

Person A gets the wishlist of Person D's wishlist, Person B gets Person C's wishlist, Person C gets Person E's wishlist, Person D gets Person A's wishlist and Person gets Person B's wishlist. These people now create fakemons based on the wishlists. After a certain amount of time, these fakemons will be posted on the thread revealing who submitted the wishlist and who made the fakemon for it.

Some other thing that I wanted to mention:
  • Custom elements are allowed and they can be part of the wishlist or fakemon creation. This mod is Gen 9 so dexit exists.
  • However, for the sake of variety, I will allow to create clones of dexit moves or moves get un-dexited if a lot of Pokemon share those clones, Mega Evolution and Z-Crystals.
  • However, so that they are not spammed and as a fun extra, I decided to add a Wild Card! This allows a user to include another forme, a Mega Form or a custom Z-Crystal to their submssion. If they decide not to use it, they can give it away. I plan on 1-2 Wild Cards per slate, depending on the user count.
  • Terastallization is also allowed, at least in the beginning.

I plan for submissions to last a week and creating fakemons to last 4-5 days, although this phase ends earlier when all fakemons are done.

Side Note: You don't have to include every category and you are only allowed to add into 1-4 categories.
[B]Extra Information[/B]: (If the user has a Wild Card, they can request their perks in here. Alternatively, extra infos such as weight or a more indepth description can be put here.)
Side Note: You have to fill out the remaining categories.
[B]Other Formes[/B]: (Not every sub has another forme, this is mainly for Megas and niche formes)

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your toast is burned
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Slate 1.1: Wishes

Alright, let's get into it. For your participation, just type "in" and you're automatically in. If you did that, you now have to DM me with your wishlist. If you decide to not to participate anymore, just DM me and tell me.

This sign-up phase will last 7 days. Have Fun!​

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