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Alright, so unfortunately we only got three people in the roomtour. As a result, we're nowhere near done testing. However, in spite of this, we decided to do some quick balance changes for some obviously unhealthy mons based on our three battles.

A16-Redacted (aka the unhinged letter mon):
- Double Iron Bash
Tran Beam:
Now transforms the opponent into a Normal type instead of a Ditto.

On a mon with Clangorous Soul and the ability to get STAB on any move it wants, Double Iron Bash was extremely unhealthy. Its high BP and chance to flinch is simply broken for a sweeper. Its balanced stats make it hard to revenge kill after a single Clangorous Soul, on top of having recovery in Drain Punch and Moonlight to keep itself healthy. Considering this Pokemon already has Behemoth Blade, it was an easy decision to make. When it comes to Tran Beam, we've already discussed how uncompetitive that move is. Unfortunately, ViZar gave us no feedback on how the effect should be changed, so we came up with it ourselves. Due to the ability, Tran Beam is unlikely to be used often as Normal sucks as coverage and even as STAB, but could have a niche on defensive sets to get rid of the opponent's STAB, or even KO them with Drain Punch afterwards.

Timeless Melody:
- Boomburst

Boomburst as STAB is pretty broken on a mon with up to around 148 SpA fully invested thanks to Hadron Engine, and that's not even taking in account Throat Spray and Torch Song racking up further boosts. While Normal/Fairy is pretty mediocre offensively, it works well enough along with Torch Song as coverage. On top of this, Boomburst goes against the core concept of this mon. The idea is to use Musicial Renaissance to switch between Hadron Engine and Orichalum Pulse, becoming a mixed attacker. However, the sheer strength of Boomburst on top of its special coverage being usable already means this option is not worth considering. Now that this mon has to rely on Hyper Voice for Normal STAB, it should become much more versatile yet balanced.

Stats: 80 / 110 / 100 / 65 / 100 / 35 | 490
- 10 Def, - 10 SpD

While admittingly there wasn't much testing regarding Coralssal due to the lack of battles and the above two mons overshadowing it, we still felt a Pokemon with this good of a typing in combination with Regenerator and Recover was too much to handle, and could lead to powercreep further down the road, especially once A16-Redacted and Timeless Melody were nerfed. Since the wish required the Pokemon to use Corsola's movepool and abilities, our best option was to decrease its bulk a bit to make it less overbearing.

While we didn't get many battles, I hope everyone is alright with these balance changes. Look forward to more roomtours later down the line!
-Slate 2-

Simply type "in" to sign up for the second slate. Signup phase will last one week.

In this Pet Mod, users can submit a wishlist for a fakemon they want. That wishlist consists a few attributes that range from Movepool, Typing, Abilities, Metagame Roles, Niches and so on. After the submission phase ends, I will randomly distribute the wishlist among the submitters. This whole process won't be held on the thread, since it's more interesting to work with a idea but not know whose idea it was.

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