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Welcome to UU's Secret Santa for 2022!

For those who aren't aware how a Secret Santa works, it revolves around the concept of people giving gifts anonymously to each other within a community, with people randomly picking other peoples names. As far as smogon goes, this involves giving gifts of teams to other people!

Everyone who joins will be asked to PM the host (me) a Pokemon or core they would like their team to be built around, although they may also ask for anything if they feel particularly fiesty, and will be given another person's request. After the people involved build a team, they will post it in this thread as a gift for the intended person!


  • Post "in" or a worryclaus emoji to join!
  • Please only join if you can make a genuine attempt to have a team created by the deadline. I will try and help out and fulfill any requests that don't get made to make sure everyone gets a gift, but it spoils the fun for people involved if you join and then forget about it.
  • Don't tell people whose request you got and what you requested if possible, as this helps keep everything more of a surprise!

Submission Rules

  • Each request should be sent directly to me through either Smogon PMs or Discord PMs (Saria#4720)
  • Please submit your request BEFORE the deadline, I will chase people up who haven't yet submitted one the day before.
  • Feel free to make suggestions around playstyle and sets on your request, but be aware that too many requests may make your team hard to build, and people will be allowed to deviate slightly if it helps make it possible.
  • You may change your request up until the deadline.
  • After signups deadline closes, i'll PM every person who joined to offer them their requested core.
  • Once you have built your team, post it in this thread and tag the person who's gift it was to let them see your thoughtful present!

Don't be afraid to join if your teambuilding skills aren't necessarily up to par, people will be available to help you if you ask and this is a very new tier where everyone is largely inexperienced! This event is really just about having fun and giving thoughtful gifts! Have fun and Merry Christmas!

The timeline for signups and team posting is below! This is tentative and may change in the near future if necessary.

Signups - 3rd December
Signups Deadline - 7th December
Team posting Deadline - 21st December
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