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Are we supposed to post the teams in here, or do we PM them, etc. - I think last year it was a mystery who made what so just not sure if it changed bc the message said to post here which would certainly not make it very secret, but it's fine either way I just want to make sure to do it correctly.
Celebiii Merry Christmas here is your requested team:

:Ursaring: :Slowking: :Glaceon: :Hatterene: :Bronzong: :Brute Bonnet:

I ladder tested it and went like 20-2, it's pretty broken though not perfect. Here are some highlights:


The only problematic matchup is Electric Terrain teams, which is why Slowking is Tera Ground for an emergency. Zong is Tera Ghost to block spin. Bonnet has spore which is great to use on the final Trick Room turn to try to gather yourself again - also a great knock absorber and slight priority with sucker. Most of the time Ursaring will just kill everything, nothing lives to tera normal facade besides defensive resists, and basically all ghosts are OHKOd by Crunch (even fully defensive Bramble I believe is OHKOd). Slowking has Lagging Tail because Chilly Reception is not negative priority, so this makes it easier to teleport out after a Trick Room. Glaceon gets a nice defensive boost from the Slowking port too, and with Tera Water it's like a mini Iron Bundle under TR.
Happy Holidays, Slip! You asked for a Frosmoth team, which was a lot of fun and a bit challenging to build, but I am happy with how this turned out!

Frosmoth Bulky Offense

The way to make Frosmoth work, I think, is to pair it with Ice-types' new best friend, Slowking, and to make it Tera Fire to allow it to break through Steel-types, which is what I did. Slowking uses Chilly Reception to get Frosmoth and the other offensive threats in safely, and can use Yawn to stop a variety of setup sweepers (like Hawlucha) or to give Frosmoth or Hydreigon setup opportunities. Gastrodon is next, and provides an Electric immunity and the team's Kilowattrel check (the bulk EVs survive 2 Kilowattrel Hurricanes). I've found Spikes to be more useful on it than Stealth Rocks, since Gastro tends to get a lot of free turns from coming in on things like Rotom-Wash, and you can take better advantage of those by setting multiple layers of Spikes. This Gastrodon carries Icy Wind in its last slot, since it is acting as the team's check to DD Mence. Frosmoth is next and is pretty simple; Quiver Dance and sweep or wallbreak when appropriate. I chose a Modest nature to give it as much oomph as possible, and you will hopefully be setting Frosmoth up on a special attacker anyway, so the Quiver Dance boosts and Ice Scales can give you another chance to boost if needed. Choice Band Slither Wing is next, and it hits ridiculously hard. It provides great offensive pivoting with U-Turn, and carries priority in First Impression, which severely chunks anything that doesn't resist it. Dual Wingbeat was chosen for the last slot in case you are staring down an opposing Slither Wing, which its other moves won't hit, and I felt gave better neutral coverage than Flare Blitz. Nasty Plot Hydreigon with Tera Steel is next, and helps in checking Espathra and Gengar while being a dangerous threat on its own. Finally, Tsareena pressures opposing Quagsire and Gastrodon, provides hazard removal if needed (although this team has 5 Boots users so it doesn't always care about them LOL), and is your Azumarill check. The team's been a ton of fun to put together and use, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! :D


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Merry Christmas Estarossa! You requested a team built around Calm Mind + Stored Power Umbreon and it was a very fun experience to build, heres what i came up with!

:sv/umbreon: :sv/gallade: :sv/gengar: :sv/tinkaton: :sv/quagsire: :sv/brambleghast:

Umbreon Balance

This team is of course built around a Calm Mind + Stored Power Umbreon. After some careful thinking, i thought it would be a good idea to make Umbreons Tera Typing Poison, as this typing covers all of Umbreon's weaknesses allowing it to turn the tables on any attacker in front of it. I put in Taunt as well to stop mons such as Quagsire from using Toxic against me. After that, i knew what this sets biggest problem would be; Dark Types. As a result, i made my team around the premise of beating Dark Types as well. For starters, I am running a fighting type in Gallade and a Dark Resist in Tinkaton, both mons should be able to beat Dark Types such as Wo Chien and Hydreigon. Next, i decided to place one of my favourite Balance cores here, Tinkaton + Quagsire + Brambleghast. These provide we with all the hazards i need, and Umbreon especially loves Toxic Spikes, as with a Dark Type Poisoned, Umbreon can just outlast them with Moonlight Spam. Gengar is here to also abuse Toxic Spikes with Choice Specs Hex, which can lure Dark Types in to take the Hex and then destroy them with a Focus Blast.

One thing i did notice when testing this team is that it is weak to Gallade. If you want to make the Match Up better, then you can replace Tinkaton with Scream Tail, but i worried about my Hatterene and Gengar Match Up, since Scream Tail cannot touch Hatterene and Gengar is really scary for my team without Tinkaton to check it. If you want a better MU vs Gallade however, here is an alternative team that replaces Tinkaton for Scream Tail.

Here is also some replays that i got with the Team showing how it performs!

That's it from me, I hope you enjoy the team i created :3​


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:ss/weavile: :ss/gallade: :ss/klefki: :ss/cryogonal: :ss/slowking: :ss/tyranitar: (iron thorns)

Luirromen, here

Merry early christmas

I took the two mons you requested, and then thought that the team kinda needed an Espathra check, so I added anti-espathra Klefki. Imprison locks Espathra out of attacking or setting up, and it's only attacking option is a 4x resisted dazzling gleam. I then was originally gonna be using Noivern, but then I realized I was accidentally building Hazard Stack. So I added my beloved Cryogonal, because its the fastest spinner we have and I needed a mence check. I then added Slowking for bulky pivot purposes and unintentionally making cryogonal a thicker sheet of paper. Then I added Iron Thorns because I needed a Kilowattrel check.

:ss/morgrem: :ss/azumarill: :ss/quagsire: :ss/staraptor: :ss/bisharp: :sv/rabsca:

BigFatMantis since you requested Rabsca, I immediately went to Revival Blessing and thought of pokemon that could come in multiple times and be useful. Staraptor made the team, being an amazing offensive threat, that with revival blessing can faint and then come back to finish the battle once its checks are taken out. Bisharp with eviolite is a cool addition thanks to Kingambit, and it both stops Espathra, can set rocks if needed, and is a very hard hitter and pretty bulky. Quagsire is another check to Espathra with unaware, and yawn + recover lets it stall out offensive pokemon. Azumarill is a nice priority abuser with Choice Band and aqua jet, and its other moves let it beat dragon types and grass types nicely. Morgrem was the last addition, as a way to get both Rabsca on the field and the offensive pokemon, ideally multiple times because of revival blessing. Taunt shuts down lots of leads like Forretress, and parting shot + screens makes it easier to switch safely. And to top it all off, no Espathra.
Merry Christmas!
gamieTG I’m not to good at building for uu but I made this
Eject button seed sower arboliva in screens hyper offense paired with luc and espathra to utilize the weakened eq and get extra healing from terrain with espathra the teams not to good imo mb but cool strat espathra is tera dark for cm zong luc is tera normal for stab espeed tes is tera poison for emergency tspike removal
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PigWarrior19, merry Christmas, sorry that you didn’t want to play UU for the tournament, but I still made your Slaking team.
It was kind of hard to build around but the idea was switching in, killing something, then switching out to avoid the ability. So I added defog support and easy ways to get in. You of course have my hail propaganda as all my teams do, and espathra because it’s broken.


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romanji Merry Christmas bro. I have made 1 bulk up scream tail team for you. The mon itself is pretty fun to use and can really shine in the right match up, but on the other hand it runs into some problems against Pokemon that either resist drain punch or are very bulky lol.

+6 0 Atk Scream Tail Drain Punch vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Scream Tail: 27-32 (6.2 - 7.3%) -- possibly the worst move ever
+6 0 Atk Scream Tail Drain Punch vs. 40 HP / 252+ Def Alomomola: 126-149 (26.1 - 30.9%) -- 7.3% chance to 4HKO after Leftovers recovery

so be careful around bulky defensive Pokemon that can also stop you with chilling water or haze.

I got some replays of the bulk up tail in action, hope you enjoy! (i am so sorry about my alt name)
Game 1
Game 2
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All pairings are now live for every person who signed up! Please let me know if you did not get PMed a request to build for whatever reason. Otherwise happy building and make sure to have them posted by the 21st!
Merry Christmas Corperate n, here's a Tera Electric Pawmot Balance Team!
Pawmot  sprite from Scarlet & Violet
Scream Tail  sprite from Scarlet & Violet

Pawmot and Hydreigon are the nukes. I chose Hydreigon for it's Psychic and Ground immunity, but both it and Pawmot hate Fairies, so I made it Tera Steel and gave it Flash Cannon. Scream Tail and Gastrodon are the defensive backbones (Inspired by Moutemoute's defensive core). Scream Tail's speed is for outspeeding banded Slither Wing, as it can Protect on First Impression and tank 2 U-turns from full health without PhysDef investment. PhysDef Gastrodon checks a lot of things (mainly Tinkaton and Sandy Shocks) and stacks Spikes. Tsareena is an offensive spinner that can deal with Water-Grounds and priority (kinda). Bronzong fits onto the team nicely in terms of typing, being a Psychic, Ice & Fairy resist that is Ground immune, but it doesn't have Toxic anymore so I resorted to a Dual Screens + Stealth Rock set.

I screwed up replays and didn't save them properly (didn't know you had to upload & share them), so I'll instead share them in video format.
This one mainly shows how Gastrodon can check non-SD variants of Tinkaton. If it is SD then I think Bronzong can help out via Reflect.
This one's pretty interesting. I got caught off guard by Tera Steel Weakness Policy Revavroom, wanted to set Reflect with Bronzong but got flinched, then came back with Tera Steel Hydreigon. It also shows off how powerful Hydreigon and Pawmot are.
This was a 120 TURN GAME with a previous build of the team. Learned a ton of things from this game: Revavroom's Ground weakness is too much for my team, I needed a faster spinner holding Boots, Scream Tail can tank banded Slither Wing pretty decently, defensive pivot Rotom-Wash isn't my cup of tea, I needed a Sandy Shocks check, Freeze is terrible... This one is a bit of a milestone for me :quagchamppogsire: .

Had lots of fun building the team, thank you Estarossa for hosting the event, and thank you PigWarrior19 for the team, looking forward to playing around with that Eject Button set!
Merry Christmas Monky25, here's a team centralized around Thunder Wave Slowbro and Nasty Plot + Substitute Hydreigon.

The main idea behind the team is to use Slowbro and Tinkaton to spread Paralysis through Thunder Wave in order to enable your strong but somewhat slow breakers, Hydreigon of course being the main one. My biggest struggle behind building the team was mostly trying to justify the usage of Slowbro over Slowking, since any build rocking any form of Volt Turn would want their walls to not be overly passive. That's why I went with a team structure centered around spreading paralysis, since that's the 1 thing Slowbro does better than Slowking because of how well the core of Specially Defensive Steel and Physically Defensive Water cover for eachother. The purpose behind Hydreigon meanwhile is mainly to snuff out fat cores by abusing Sub + NP to use weaker walls as setup fodder, while having Mimikyu as backup in case I had to 1v1 a Blissey.
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Here is your requested Armarouge team. This was quite an interesting mon to build around and it has definitely grown on me since using it a lot. I felt like going the offensive route with it suited your style more so I made it into a Hyper Offense. The set for Armarouge was made into an Endure set with Weakness Policy with enough speed for Bisharp. Endure also helps it boost against teams that rely on Slither Wing's First Impression to revenge mons. The lead of choice for the squad is Brambleghast, very fun mon that can spin block while also setting up its own Spikes. It only really struggles into Hatterene, Frosslass, and potentially max speed Hydreigon if it flinches with Dark Pulse. Since the team was somewhat slow overall, i wanted to add some kind of speed control that didn't involve a scarfer, so i ended up coming up with this weird Iron Thorns spread that get a speed boost from its Booster Energy to combo with Swords Dance. For this particular spread, it needs to be timid nature with 240 speed and have exactly 20 IVs putting it at 263. Now you may notice that it's not max speed, but that's because I believe the remaining speed points don't really make a difference in outspeeding the mons in the tier, but you can definitely run max and adjust the IVs if you want the extra 3 EVs in its attack. The next mon is Bisharp since this mon is pretty dangerous with Eviolite, punishes Defog, and I gave it fire tera to avoid getting burnt by Talonflame. Venomoth is a very potent mon, one of the scarier wallbreakers of the tier and can make a difference in offense mirrors with Sleep Powder. The final mon here is Mimikyu. This is a very good mon in the meta and also serves as a safety net for a lot of threats in the tier. It offers priority and a backup to spinblocking, while also naturally learning Woodhammer, which puts in a ton of work in a meta where grounds and waters are pretty common and allows it to not have to sacrifice its tera for the Quagsire matchup. I have had a blast using this team and it's easily one of my favorites at the moment. It zoomed to the 1500s on the ladder pretty smoothly. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! :D
Happy Hollidays yd12k,

here is your team build for Zoroark to shine:

:Zoroark: :Azumarill: :Slither Wing: :Hydreigon: :Polteageist: :Barraskewda:

To be quite frank, I never liked Zorark that much. I think its gimmick is not valuable enough for how fragile of a 'mon it is. But it is super much fun to play and that is a merit by itself. I didn't want to build a team "despite" Zoroark but with Zoroark as a core peace, so that's why I tried something spicy with Lead-Zorark as a Rain Setter + Memento user. And it works... kinda.

:Zoroark: Try to bring Zoark as a lead in most games. If you present the opponent with a "fake" potent SetUp 'mon, they will allmost allways attack over Rocking up. That's where you decide between clicking Counter for an early kill, Rain Dance if Baraskewda is looking strong or Night Daze if you feel like it. Memento is allmost allways Turn 2, to create and opening for setup.

:Azumarill: + :Barraskewda: can occasionaly "Water Spam" their way through opposing defenses. Consider Terra-Water on Barraskewda if you feel like Azu can sweep the opponent after Barraskewda creates the opening.

:Polteageist: is not amazing, but Terra Fairy can be amazing to sweep through Dark types. So if you feel like the opponent hangs onto a Dark type to prevent the sweep, keep the Terra for Polteageist. Keep in mind that you dont have to Terra on Dark types if they are fragile enough to be killed with Normal Terra and have no Sucker.

:Slither Wing: is just great Prio and overall good.

Scarf-:Hydreigon: is much needed for resistances and as sort of a Pivot. If Polteageist managed to take out a Dark type, Hydreigon might have a shot sweeping with Dark Puls. Allthough the existence of slither Wing is hindering that a lot.

Hope you have some good fun with it :)
Merry Christmas Sulo

(Slither Wing)

I actually built a team with Gard during the first few days of this gen and it was pretty poor all around, so you can imagine I was a bit worried when it was the mon I needed to build with here. Luckily I was able to put together something that while admittedly flawed, is miles better than my previous gard team and makes use of it rather decently.

Gard acts as half of my rkiller duo with Slither and also has trick to cripple annoying fat mons which is especially useful to help Bish sweep later on. Bisharp is the teams cleaner while also helping check threats like Hatt and Esp. Slither is a strong pivot that also helps remove opposing dark/fighting types when coming in after slowkings future sight, since not much takes banded first impression + future sight.

The rest of the team is just to check other meta threats that the offensive mons struggle with, setup/remove hazards and allow the offensive threats to get in unscathed. The team is far from perfect but I didn’t want to change it too many times as eventually it would just turn into something completely different.

hope you enjoy!



here is ur very offensive volt turn team :blobthumbsup: . Tera fighting staraptor allows it to nuke any fighting resists and allows it to gain a rocks resistance in case its needed. Sandy shocks provide rocks and is able to offensively pivot in staraptor on the grass types that want to take its attacks in where it can go ham on the other team. Phys def. tsareena provides hazard removal for staraptor and makes it so its not impacted as much by the recoil, it also provides a very valuable water resist and allows a barra check for a short period (MU is very very hard....). Gengar is ur speed control and covers many things that want to hit starptor and it walls tsareena so the team can keep rocks up and gengar is able to revenge kill pokemon such as +1 mence, gyara, haxorus, scarf gallade, scarf gardevoir, and other fast pokemon in general, tera normal makes it so you can win the opposing gengar 1v1 and makes sucker punch neutral to it. Tinkaton helps the espartha and gengar MU in that it can switch into them for a short period of time, with encore and knock off it can create holes and opportunities for raptor and sub NP hydreigon to make progress, tera steel is to give it the additional push on gigaton hammer to KO targets such as hippowdown, itself, slowking, and others. Sub Hydreigon is the ghost resist and psychic immunity of the team, it can take advantage of many ghost pokemon such as bramble, sableye, and can switch into scarf gengar and use it for setup opportunities with sub NP. Tera steel makes it so it can setup on fairies easily and makes it so in a pinch it can take on dd salamence
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click on sprites for importable

Dear Rakned, this is Santa Moute and heres the team you asked around Pawmot !

Since you asked for Pawmot to be the star of the team, I thought this could be nice to run something which isn't the most standard on it, a Heavy-Duty Boots set with Seed Bomb. This allows Pawmot to go back and forth of the field and to pressure a massive chunk of the metagame thanks to its two powerful STABs (Double Shock and Close Combat) and the Grass coverage provided by Seed Bomb. This allows Pawmot to 2HKO both Quagsire & Gastrodon if they come from full on the Close Combat and then take the Seed Bomb in the face. Revival Blessing is too valuable to ignore as it can bring back to life one of your breakers. Tera Electric is the way to go in order to allow Pawmot to spam Double Shock if needed. Then we have a pretty common hazards core : Quagsire + Tinkaton + Brambleghast. The first two set hazards while the other can remove them thanks to Rapid Spin. I opted for Toxic Spikes on Quagsire because I think it works much better alongside Choice Specs Hex Gengar but Spikes can work too. Tinkaton is a great tool in the team, providing Stealth Rock + Knock Off + Encore which allows it to handle threats such as Espathra. I opted for Leaf Storm on Brambleghast to catch out of guard some Water-types but Spikes is a good option too. Choice Specs Gengar is an insanely threatening breaker which enjoy a lot hazards stacking. If you don't run Toxic Spikes on Quagsire, Focus Blast is better than Hex on Gengar. Trick allows it to punish some defensive Pokémon. Last but not least, Weavile, while not being as good as in gen 7-8, still has a good niche thanks to its speedtier. Its Dark-types allows it to act as an emergency Ghost answer. Night Slash is it's best Dark-type STAB (kinda sad tho) while Icicle Crash (or Ice Spinner) is a great Ice-type STAB. Ice Shard is a useful priority and Poison Jab allows Weavile to pressure Azumarill which could handle it pretty nicely otherwise. It's also useful to fish a poison on Scream Tail on the switch. If you have some struggle to fight against Dragon-types such as DD Salamence/Haxorus with Tera Steel, then I advise you to replace Seed Bomb + Volt Absorb on Pawmot by Mach Punch + Iron Fist ! Hope you'll like the team !


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Hey The Pyromaniac, you requested a sensu team and this was quite an interesting request for sure!

:oricorio-sensu: :hydreigon: :bellibolt: :gastrodon: :tinkaton: :talonflame:

For this build I wanted to try and focus around two of sensu's main things that give it viability in my eyes, the revelation dance - terastal mechanic and the fact its honestly a fairly decent spinblocker. Tera fighting was the most natural choice for the tera type for sensu here, although it loses its spinblocking capabilities when doing it it allows it to flip its dark weakness on its head, which is insanely helpful into matchups like bisharp and scarf hydreigon. To make the most of the spinblocking, a spikes gastrodon was used as the water immunity alongside a rocks encore tinkaton to help hazard stack to overwhelm its switch ins, ice beam on gastro here lets you pressure bramble and tsareena more on switch in to put less pressure on sensu, while encore on tinkaton helps you with the espathra matchup - feel free to change this to thunder wave if you want more paralysis support.

NP Hydreigon gave a nice wallbreaking partner to sensu to really help overwhelm teams and pressure them down. Bellibolt gives you a very unique set of attributes for this team, the main aspect is the paralysis support from discharge to help give opportunities to hydreigon and sensu, but it can also act as an annoying physically defensive wall that can poke holes with its ability, and can grass tera to remove grounds like unaware quagsire to open up sensu. Talonflame rounds off the team with speed control, flame body support for pokemon like slither wing, hazard control, and willo-wisp support for stuff like bisharp / lucario, with a tera ghost incase of emergencies against lucario or losing boots, but should not be used otherwise on this specific team contrary to a lot of other builds as you already have a secondary ghost and multiple more potent tera users.

Hope you enjoy! This honestly felt a bit more of a bellibolt centric team in the end but still showcases sensu nicely imo.
Merry Christmas Shaad Skyel , here is your NP Hydreigon team

:Hydreigon: :Espathra: :Tinkaton: :Azumarill: :Brambleghast: :Kilowattrel:

Hopefully you have no qualms about using broken mons, cause the first thing I paired Hydreigon with was Espathra. Somehow though, in testing, Hydreigon almost stole the show. A huge number of teams on the ladder aren't really built with sub plot steel Hydreigon in mind, including this one. A lot of pokemon that think they like to come in on Hydra realize they don't as soon as it subs/teras, so it picks up kills very efficiently, both as a wallbreaker and a cleaner. I'm sure you're aware what the other mons all do. Azumarill is very strong, though sometimes prediction reliant, and can lure in fat water types that Hydreigon might be able to sub on. The Tinkaton is Rocks/Hammer/Knock/T-Wave, which I think gets the most utility out of it. Sometimes you'll wish you could sd, but the teammates are strong enough to make up for it. Brambleghast is amazing in my eyes. It beats a lot of common rockers and removers, most notably Tinkaton and Donphan, as well as the fat waters. I know other people have had success with shadow ball as the attacking move but I prefer powerwhip so far. Kilowattrel does what it says on the cover. A well played Sandy Shocks, Gengar, or Bisharp could all be annoying for this team but I believe in you. glhf

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merry christmas Metaboss25 i tried my best to make you a flapple team (click the pokes for the team)
:sv/florges: :sv/grafaiai: :sv/magnezone: :sv/flapple: :sv/talonflame: :sv/gastrodon:
flapple volt turn

flapples only use really is throwing off strong hustle boosted moves, so i thought why not boost them even more with a choice band, i went for tera grass because grav apple is the move you will be clicking most often probably. i paired it with magnezone as flapple really struggles with hitting steel types. i made magnezone scarf for a little extra speed (this probably inst neccesary) but you get a fast volt switch to pivot around with some of the other members of the team like grafaiai and flapple itself and you still trap and kill the steels of the tier. gastrodon is there for hazards and some help into rain matchups aswell as a volt immune. talonflame is a defogger that can also act as a pivot with u turn (and burn things in a pinch) so it seemed like a good fit, also completing a fire water grass core. grafaiai helps your gengar and espathra matchup and your matchup into set up sweepers in general with its annoying prankster encore and is also a pivot for the team. i ended off with calm mind florges which helps if a nasty plot hydreigon gets out of hand, if you tera steel its a second gengar check aswell. its also a good win condition for the team in the late game.

hope you enjoy the team. flapple is a bit hard to build around, but i think this came out okay-ish in the end. have a nice christmas and good luck with the new year :)

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