Announcement See You Later, N_Mareanie

Hi everyone,

I know I've stepped down once before for a small period of time (like a month or so), but this time I'm quitting for real. This doesn't mean I won't be around every now and then, but I'm leaving the position as Tier Leader, Council, VR Council and Mod and all that stuff that comes with it. Between school and social life taking up most of my time, I just don't really have the time to spend on this tier. I've also been lacking motivation to do this, which honestly shouldn't come as a surprise considering the whole panini going on right now.

Anyways, I just want to say it's been fun. Although the tier is still quite small, I never expected to get this far. What started off as a tier just for fun, bloomed out to a tier recognized within the National Dex community. I met a great amount of people and some of 'em I even consider some of my best online friends.

Niadev and Chazm will take over for the time being as Tier Leaders, please be nice to them thank u :)

I haven't done that much of anything with natdex UU, but from what I can see you and everyone on council were able to do a great job leading and forming a community from it. Best of luck with anything you have taking up your time.

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