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taking summer classes
need to get some better work done
posting feels like a sad validation that i'm still kicking around
i can see my drawings are getting shittier
im just not doing as much anymore
and what i do is fast and lazy
im worried about school
but doing well there

here is a link to my sophomore year portfolio [+]
its huge and you have to download it to view
sorry ill try to figure out a better way soon
the concept is artistic critique bullshit
because i hate art

i have more drawings to finish and upload later
when i am not pissing away time playing video games

Rocket Grunt

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i am still around and disgusting
school is starting tomorrow
havent drawn very much
losing ground
more later
i hope

still climbing but slipping

for the smog, it's a williamsburg breloom

messed up the eyes but who gives a shit anyway

the dungeons & dragons hobgoblin sorcerer character i played

be well



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The sight of Crobat with feet is.....something I can easily get behind, actually. And that Ekans is mad cute.
The girls you draw are so fucking rad, man. The way you draw their expressions and their body style. Too cool.

The Breloom is just as amazing.

Rocket Grunt

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some half-assed doodles and shit

some shitty caricatures from a surf magazine

was listening to the penny arcade d&d podcasts
doodled some of the characters my friends and i played
missing the zombie dwarf cleric and the tiefling rogue
i think ill redo some of these anyway
these are all in pencil and pen and marker

i drew this a million goddamn years ago
but never posted it
because im a lazy piece of shit
but it was only now i realized
bape is a fucking brand not a style

cj from regular show
i thought she and mordecai wouldve been good together
but shit falls apart when you're afraid and give up

sappy lyrics from a sappy band
im not very good at typography yet
but im starting to like it more
this is all in original trade gothic & trade gothic extended
sometimes wake-up calls wake you up too late


Rocket Grunt

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doing schoolwork and working on my cap design [x] [x] [x]
starting to lose faith in the idea though
im not sure i can justify all the abilities
needs more work done to it

doing an abc book of awful batman villains
absence, batzarro, calendar man, dr. no face
i think my drawing ability is beginning to atrophy
but im a lazy fuck so i guess i shouldve expected it
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Rocket Grunt

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hi here are some drawings i did


poliwhirl & pancham
for 20 years: a celebration worth discussing
pencil drawing, took a picture w/ iphone, colored in photoshop

gyarados fishing lure
for w8 wat: effective lures in ou
just all in photoshop

set of player & npc pogs
for a buddy's game of d&d on roll20
photoshop cs6

smogon type designs
for the flying press webzine
sketched out on paper, done for real in photoshop - didn't win! oh well

latios & latias
for ubers spotlight: latias & latios
just did it in photoshop; used georgia as a base for the letter shapes

sandstorm excadrill, trick room escavalier, sunny day mega charizard y, & rain dance kingdra
for archetypes in the vgc '15 metagame: part 2
egg tempra & gold leaf on wood of killarney strawberry tree (jk it was actually photoshop gotcha lmao)

for ou suspect coverage (mega sableye and shadow tag)
pshop cs6

for gotta go fast: zebstrika in pu
photoshop again man can you believe it

messed the fuck up audino
for pokémon gotta exploit em' all! - part 1
faux toes hop

mega sableye
for ou spotlight: mega sableye

omachi's gay pride simisear, joim's spanish matador w/ math equations, & tennisace's corgi in a sweater
for ask the admins part I, II, & III
photoshop man im out of jokes tho

secret base D: face
for super secret bases? more like super secret failures
フォトショップ C S ➅

mega charizard x
for ou spotlight: mega charizard x

into the odd: lars marnix
for a tabletop game i played w/ some buddies; this was my guy
pencil drawing, scan, photoshop color

dungeons & dragons 5th edition: oldscape
for another game i ran w/ some other buddies (this was all their guys)
pencil, scanned in, photoshop

legend of the 5 rings: yotsu kedarui
this is the guy i'm playing in the game i'm in rn, his items, & some of the npcs
graphite doodle, took a photo/scan, colored in pshop

legend of the 5 rings: eijiharu campaign
this game kind of collapsed but i liked my guy a lot
pencil, chartpak ad marker, primacolor colored pencil, gelly roll pen (the others ones are just all scanned pencil)

skyrim nord guy
we never got to playing this game but i was gonna be a big hulking nord beef shield
pencil, photo, pshop

legend of the 5 rings: katogama hikaru & ishii
rip my greatest character yet; he was fucking retarded and awful but fun af to play as i made lots of bad puns
pencil pencil pencil then scanned in then photoshop colored

legend of the 5 rings: rah! rah! (bushido) honor
for a lion clan game - i made the graffiti look like intestines because seppuku
pencil, chartpak ad marker, prismacolor colored pencil, gelly roll pen

okay thats it for now thanks for looking !!


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