Sellin Slowpoke Tail

I can't believe how awesome these look. They're even better since I've laughed pretty hard at a few of them. Man, I envy your artistic skill. :D
Ah man, I'm totally envious of your painterly approach. Great colours and application too. Put together a portfolio and get outta the deli!
Also, that Hypno needs to be on a trading card or something.

Rocket Grunt

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I'll finish up more requests soon, I promise D:

... But for now, here is a rattata. As a Rocket Grunt, I have an irrepressible love for them. Hee~

Aww, Rattata! So cute!

You Rocket Grunts really do have a thing for the little purple mice, though.

I sort of want to hug it, but at the same time I know I'll get Hyper Fang'd in the ass.
The diglett, for me, is a miss. The rattata, however, is top drawer.
I'm going to ask this of you: Please stop making me hate art less and less with each update
in lieu of you not doing that: Please make a picture of a dragonite losing at chess to a salamence. Thank you.

little gk

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I always imagined diglett as a THUG and Rockets really do have a thing for rats.
Nice pictures!

PS, i think i'm gonna use diglett for my avatar

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