Separate Tiering of Mega Pokemon


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Hi, for the first vote I understood the reasoning for having all tier leaders vote, as the policy had potential to affect all tiers (barring LC) (for example if tiering together would move Salamence to Doubles Ubers and regular Rayquaza to anything goes), but in this case, if we have decided to go with separate tiering, the only tiers that have a vested interest in when are UU, RU, NU and PU. This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that 7 of the 8 tier leaders of those tiers have voted already and the only one that hasn't is just generally opposed to tiering separately. As opposed to Ubers (1/2 voted), LC (1/2 voted), DOU (1/2 voted), and OU (literally 0/8). I don't see why 63.6% of the vote should be people that are not, nor will they ever, be affected by this decision, and who seem pretty apathetic to when (which makes sense since it has 0 impact on them). If we are taking into account every tier leaders thoughts, can the remaining 12 of you vote before December please .-.


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Really, that sort of thing is only a problem if there's disagreement.

It sounds like there's enough of a consensus towards just quick-dropping pokemon at December, so that's what we'll do, barring a weird upset as more people vote.
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