Server problem: Wrapper error (0x431)?

ERROR | wrapper | 2009/11/02 17:52:57 | CreateService failed - 指定的服务已存在。 (0x431)

This is the error I get. Sorry that my computer is in Chinese, but it's basically saying the indicated service already exists.

And I did delete my Shoddy Battle program clean from Add/Remove Software in the Control Panel.
You may have "uninstalled" it, but the service could still be there. To remove this, follow these steps.

1. Open where you installed the Shoddy Battle Server. (C:\Program Files\Shoddy Battle Server)
2. Open wrapper.conf (It might be named differently)
3. Change the service name (or name) to something different.
4. Return to Bin. (C:\Program Files\Shoddy Battle Server\)
5. Turn server off.
6. Uninstall server. (Use the Uninstall-NT app)
7. Run Install-NT
8. Start your server.
Okay so apparently it says Server Started in the CMD now, but I still can't log in with Shoddy applet using my IP and the selected port.
i'm having the same problem...
I can't uninstall! when i click the uninstaller app, and click uninstall, the window goes busy (but it's still responding as i can close it) but nothing happens, it just stays the same, i can't do anything but closing it...
the only thing in my wrapper.txt is the error that person was talking about!

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