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Smogon sets in the PS! Teambuilder

Welcome to yet another project by myself and TheFenderStory! I have frequently wished for a way to automatically import Smogon sets into Pokemon Showdown's teambuilder, especially when building in an unfamiliar metagame. Several PS devs have discussed adding this feature, but in the meantime, we have created a client override that adds a simple dropdown to the import/export set screen. We hope that this will be useful both for newer players who rely heavily on Smogon sets, and experienced players who want to save time when building teams.

SetDeli is available through two methods: a Chrome extension or a TamperMonkey script.

1. Navigate to this page.
2. Click "Add to Chrome".

1. Install TamperMonkey (available as an extension in both Chrome and Firefox).
2. Click the + button to add a new script.
3. Paste the contents of this file in the given field.
4. Save.

Whether you are using the Chrome extension or TamperMonkey, the script should automatically run on Showdown's main server. When teambuilding, click the Import/Export button next to a Pokemon to import a set. You will see a screen that looks like the following:

Keep in mind that the dropdown menu may take a few moments to appear given the server load at the time. The only sets that appear are those that match the generation and metagame of your team. For example, no sets will appear for Entei if your team is a Gen 7 OU team, but sets will appear if your team is a Gen 7 UU team. Selecting a set from the dropdown menu will import that set into the textbox. Click "Save" to save your changes, or "Back" to discard them.

Technical Details
This project is open-source: if you are interested, visit the GitHub here.
Additionally, this project uses an externally hosted API that scrapes Smogon sets. If you are interested in using the API for another project, feel free to use it. The information is on GitHub, or you can contact TheFenderStory and I for assistance.

We hope you enjoy using this tool when building teams! Please report any bugs, request features, or lavish us with praise in this thread. We want this extension to be as useful as it can be.

Thank you, as always, to Fender for programming with me (and, in this case, doing most of the work).

Good Luck!

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