BW OU Sexual Showers - Top 5 on PO with 1650+

Sexual Showers
top 5 peak // bw2 rain balance by valentine and tfl

I wanted to base a team around the new master race Tornadus form. Naturally I paired it with Politoed, who can supply permanent Rain for 100% accurate Hurricanes.

Only three types resist Flying; Steel, Rock and Electric. Dugtrio can trap these types of Pokemon (namely Jirachi, Heatran, Tyranitar, Terrakion, Magnezone) and eliminate them with super effective Earthquakes. Not only does Dugtrio help eliminate Pokemon that Tornadus has a hard time killing, but it also traps and eliminates opposing weather inducers (Ninetales, Tyranitar).

At this point, Stealth Rocks alone broke Dugtrio's sash, tore Nadus a new one, and took away 12.5% of Toad's HP (which takes two turns of Leftovers recovery to get back). The ability to remove hazards is crucial for this team, and Tentacruel does a phenomenal job, especially in rain.

Adding Ferrothorn completes the popular FerroCruel combo. They cover each other's weaknesses and counter things the other can't handle (ex: Tenta counters Scizor, Ferro counters Latios). Ferrothorn also provides additional hazards, which allows Tornadus-T to net more kills.

Now I needed a revenge killer- what better than Scarf Thundurus-T? Being able to fire off powerful STAB Thunder's from a more than decent 101 base speed made Thun-T an attractive choice.

After some testing, I realized the team was too reliant on Rain, and weak to Mamoswine. I decided to replace Thun-T with Genesect, who checks Mamo with powerful STAB Bug Buzz, and functions well in every weather.

Final Team

I ran into my good friend TFL testing this team on ladder, and loved the combination of Gene+Trio+Nadus, along with his original sets like Rest Ferrothorn. Although originally saved as 'TFL Rain', I later named the team 'Sexual Showers', because we were able to come up with a risque nickname for every Pokemon. I have had an extremely fun time using and tweaking this team, but now it is time to share it with the community. I would love some feedback, as there are still some Pokemon this team has problems with (see first thread post for threat list). Other than that, please enjoy this dual RMT! My comments and set suggestions will be in red, TFL's will be in blue.

In Depth

Ability: Drizzle
Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)
EVs: 252 HP | 252 Def | 4 SDef
Scald | Toxic | Perish Song | Protect

The weather in play can easily decide the outcome of a match. Standard defensive Politoed has the most survivability, which allows it to supply rain the longest. Thanks to its bulk (and Dugtrio), this Toed usually outlasts opposing weather with ease. Toed also has the defenses required to help check threats like DD Nite and Scarf Terrakion. Scald is a reliable STAB which is further boosted by rain. Scald burns can be helpful in wearing down common switch-ins like Rotom-W and Lati@s. However, Toxic is is a more direct way to put switch-ins and walls on a clock. Once an opposing poke is badly poisoned, it can usually be stalled out by Tentacruel and Ferrothorn. Perish Song stops most Baton Pass chains cold, and is also used to psuedo-phaze set up pokemon like Sub Gyarados. Protect is useful for scouting, racking up status damage, and recovery. Even though 252 HP EVs puts Toed's at 384 (an even number, which is worse for hazards), it grants Toed 24 hit points from Leftovers rather than 383's 23.

I chose to go with a defensive Politoed set after testing Specs and 3 Attack. Neither of them seemed to fit the team. This set is much easier to switch in and bring up rain. Scald and Toxic are for status, Protect is for scouting, and Perish Song helps deal with some Pokes like +1 Dragonite. This Politoed set is the best at what it does, keeping up the rain for Tornadus. The EVs are to maximize his bulk - standard.

Ability: Arena Trap
Naive Nature (+Spd, -SDef)
EVs: 252 Atk | 252 Spe - IVs: 21 HP / 0 Def / 0 SDef
Stealth Rock | Earthquake | Reversal | Memento | Rock Tomb

Dugtrio+Rain is one of the most hated combinations on the ladder. As already mentioned, Dugtrio can eliminate weather inducers like Tyranitar and Ninetales, making parts of the opponent's team essentially useless. Not only does Trio eliminate opposing weather, but it also clears the path for Tornadus' sweep by eliminating Steel types like Jirachi and Heatran. Dugtrio is the team's Stealth Rock user. Although it does not have a lot of opportunities to set up rocks, Focus Sash can guarantee them if needed. Earthquake OHKOs all Heatran, most Ninetales, and 2HKOs Tyranitar and Jirachi. Reversal does ridiculous amounts of damage, even coming from Dugtrio's weak attack stat. When TFL gave me the team, Trio's forth move was Rock Tomb. I ran with it for awhile, and it is great. But, Memento does the same thing; preventing the opponent from setting up. Dugtrio is an absolute perfect fit for this team, and is always a good mon to have in your back pocket. 0 Def / SDef IVs lets your opponent knock you down to 1 HP with ease, allowing you to abuse Reversal. 21 HP IVs puts you at 201 HP- two Seismic Tosses will leave you at 1 HP.

Dugtrio is used to trap weather inducers and Steel types. Focus Sash lets it live any hit and abuse Reversal. I keep Stealth Rock on Dugtrio for lack of anything better. Although it's not the best user of Stealth Rock, Dugtrio gets the job done. EVs are standard. I use 21 IVs in HP so that it reaches 1 HP after 2 Seismic Tosses. It's mostly situational, but when you find yourself needing it, you'll be thankful that you put it on. Rock Tomb prevents Pokemon like Dragonite from setting up- while still dealing damage.

Ability: Rain Dish
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
EVs: 216 HP | 196 Def | 96 Spe
EVs: 252 HP | 240 Def | 16 Spe
Substitute | Toxic | Scald | Rapid Spin

SubToxic Tentacruel is an absolute monster. Next to nothing can stop this jellyfish from spinning. Bulky anti-spinners like Jellicent can be beaten easily with Toxic. Gengar is 2HKOd by rain boosted Scald. Substitute is the crux of the set, allowing you to stall out Pokemon you have already badly poisoned. Sub also blocks things like Ferrothorn's Thunder Waves and Leech Seeds, which makes spinning three hells of a lot easier. 216 HP EVs hits 355, which is an important number for SubCruel. Being nearly divisible by both four and sixteen, 355 is the highest HP number you can have without losing hit points to Substitute. Running 356+ results in subbing off more HP than you gain from two turns of Rain Dish+Black Sludge. Timid Nature in combination with 96 Speed EVs allows you to outspeed Jolly Mamoswine, Jolly Dragonite, Jolly Gyarados and Timid Heatran. The standard spread (the one TFL uses) ops for more bulk, which helps more with physical threats.

SubToxic is easily the best Tentacruel set. It acts as a stallbreaker, and does a great job of removing hazards. Toxic is definitely more useful than Toxic Spikes, because players rarely carry more than one or two grounded pokemon. The ones that are grounded will be brought in on one layer, resulting in normal poison rather than toxic poison. This makes breaking down your opponents walls much harder. Toxic gives you the ability to badly poison whether the opponent is grounded or not. Common switch-ins like Latios and Rotom-W are instantly put on a clock, one that Ferrothorn has no problem running out. I run the standard 252/240/16 EV spread. Although netting the surprise kill on Jolly Mamo is nice, the defensive spread allows you to handle threats like Terrakion and Scizor more reliably. Choice Band Terrakion has no chance of 2HKOing with Close Combat, regardless of the weather in play. Timid with 16 EVs hits 264, which is still fast enough to outpace Adamant Dragonite, Adamant Gyarados, and Jolly Breloom before they Sub/DD or Spore respectively.

Ability: Download
Hasty Nature | Mild Nature
EVs: 8 Atk | 248 SAtk | 252 Spe
U-turn | Bug Buzz | Thunder | Ice Beam

Scarf Genesect is the fastest mon on the team, and functions as our revenge killer. Gene also weakens the opponents team, scouts, and keeps momentum with U-Turn. Genesect U-Turns on its common switch-ins, like Terrakion and Heatran, which gives Dugtrio the chance to trap and kill. Although useful, momentum snatching U-Turn is not all Genesect is good for. I'm not exaggerating when I say Bug Buzz is a nuke. For example, after a Download boost, Bug Buzz can 2HKO Landorus and Scizor switch-ins after SR damage. Often times, it isn't Tornadus sweeping at the end, it's Download boosted Bug Buzz. Thunder and Ice Beam round off the set by granting Genesect perfect neutral coverage. I personally run Hasty nature over Mild to speed tie with opposing ScarfSect if necessary.

Genesect is the revenge killer of sorts. If I need a specific Poke out of the way or need to scout the oppenent's sets, then Genesect is my go-to guy. U-turn is there to deal damage and keep momentum. Bug Buzz is a great STAB for Genesect to have and should definitely be used over Flamethrower on a rain team. It packs some serious power after a Download boost. BoltBeam has always worked great for coverage. You're only going to be outsped by other Choice Scarf users, so I don't see the need to run a +Speed nature, especially since most Scarfers are base 100. Mild nature adds notable power behind its special attacks.

Ability: Iron Barbs
Sassy Nature (+SDef, -Spe)
EVs: 248 HP | 8 Atk | 252 SDef - IVs: 0 Spe
Spikes | Power Whip | Gyro Ball | Rest

Ferrothorn set ups additional hazards for Tornadus, and offers a reliable switch-in to powerful special sweepers. Because Ferro is so bulky, one of the most common ways to deal with it is burn. RestThorn's ability to peel burns (and para) is fantastic, and will allow you to strike with non-hindered attacks, or set up more. I like to think of Chesto berry as an 'extra life', because that's essentially what it is. A 7th pokemon. Major props to TFL for this powerful set.

If I'm using Ferrothorn, this is the set you'd expect from me. Spikes are an excellent hazard to use with Tornadus-T, since most of its counters are grounded. Power Whip and Gyro Ball are great STABs for coverage. And Rest + Chesto is to keep Ferrothorn healthy. Why am I not using Leftovers? Burns. The EVs give me a Special Defensive tank.

Ability: Regenerator
Timid Nature (+Spe, -Atk)
EVs: 8 Def | 248 SAtk | 252 Spe
Hurricane | Focus Blast | U-turn | Sleep Talk

The ruler of rain, the chicken of legend; Tornadus-T. Very few Pokemon can live a Specs boosted Hurricane. U ulrede kno, this team is built to eliminate those mons, allowing Nadus to clean up. Focus Blast provides near perfect coverage with Hurricane, and hits pokemon like Tyranitar and Heatran on the switch-in. However, you should U-Turn most of the time, and trap them with Dugtrio. Sleep Talk allows Tornadus to function as a sleep absorber. Sleep Talk predicts better than you or I do, so I try to get Nadus put to sleep as soon as possible. Timid nature is used over Hasty or Naive, because Nadus has the perfect amount of bulk, and U-Turn is only for initiative. From full, Timid Nadus can live Scarf Lando's Stone Edge, and even after rocks, it can live ScarfGene's unboosted boltbeam.

Tornadus-T is the Pokemon the team was built around. The team supports it in weakening its counters and keeping Tornadus-T at maximum health. Thanks to Regen, it can take a hit or two when it needs to. Choice Specs Nadus is more reliable when it comes to killing and has a lot more longevity. Hurricane is the move you'll be spamming all game. U-turn is to keep momentum when you expect a switch that you can't hurt much. And Focus Blast is for coverage. I use Sleep Talk, because sleep inducers aren't uncommon and it nets a ton of surprise KOs.

Last Look

Politoed (F) @ Leftovers
Trait: Drizzle
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SDef
Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)
- Scald
- Toxic
- Perish Song
- Protect

Tentacruel (M) @ Black Sludge
Trait: Rain Dish
EVs: 216 HP / 196 Def / 96 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Substitute
- Toxic
- Scald
- Rapid Spin

Genesect @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Download
EVs: 8 Atk / 248 SAtk / 252 Spd
Hasty Nature (+Spd, -Def)
- U-turn
- Bug Buzz
- Thunder
- Ice Beam

Dugtrio (M) @ Focus Sash
Trait: Arena Trap
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Naive Nature (+Spd, -SDef)
- Stealth Rock
- Earthquake
- Reversal
- Memento

Ferrothorn (M) @ Chesto Berry
Trait: Iron Barbs
EVs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SDef
Sassy Nature (+SDef, -Spd)
- Spikes
- Power Whip
- Gyro Ball
- Rest

Tornadus-T (M) @ Choice Specs
Trait: Regenerator
EVs: 8 Def / 248 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Hurricane
- Focus Blast
- U-turn
- Sleep Talk

Black = No problem
Orange = Can be a problem if played correctly
Red = I have next to nothing for this pokemon

Standard OU Offensive Threats

Tyranitar: trap with trio, focus blast w/ nadus, gyro or power whip with thorn, scald with Tenta or Toad, Uturn with Gene
Rotom-W: Bug Buzz with Gene, focus blast w/ nadus, power whip with ferro, reversal with trio, toxic with toad or tenta
Scizor: scald with toad or tenta, hurricane with nadus, reversal w/ trio, gene can deal heavy damage w/ thunder, even bug buzz
Dragonite: genesect ice beam, nadus hurricane, toxic, perish song, ferrothorn gyro ball
Politoed: toxic, nadus hurricane, gene thunder
Heatran: trap with trio, focus blast with nadus, scald with tenta or toad
Jirachi: trap with trio, focus blast with nadus, scald with tenta or toad, bug buzz from gene
Latios: genesect kills with uturn or bug buzz, ferrothorn completely walls, even if HP fire
Reuniclus: if it gets a trick room up, and ferro isn't at full, i need to play very carefully with toed and trio, hopefully perish trapping it. uturn or bug buzz w/ genesect can OHKO usually, hurricane with nadus does 80%.. generally not a problem, trick room just has the potential to be tricky (pun intended) C:
Haxorus: ice beam from genesect, toxic from tenta or toad, hurricane, gyro from ferro
Ninetales: trap with dugtrio, toxic with tenta or toad
Conkeldurr: hurricane from tornadus, toxic and stall out with tenta or toad
Celebi: genesect uturn or bug buzz, hurricane from tornadus
Terrakion: trap with dugtrio, scarf sets can't 2hko toad or tenta, scald, gyro w/ thorn on the switch in
Gyarados: toxic with tenta, thunder from genesect, hurricane from nadus, memento from trio
Gengar: subdisable can disable scald, and completely wall tenta, preserving my opponents hazards. i can kill it with hurricanes from nadus, thunder from genesect, and if not subdisable, scalds from toad or tenta
Starmie: hurricane from nadus, uturn or bug buzz from genesect
Landorus: nadus can usually switch right in, HP ice only scores around 70%. but i swear, there is no solid counter to the special sheer force set. i can hurricane with nadus, ice beam with gene, ferro can live focus blast at full and gyro.
Infernape: hurricane from nadus, scalds from toad or tenta
Volcarona: hurricane from nadus, memento from dugtrio, toxic and scalds from tenta and toad
Magnezone: trap and kill with trio, focus blast from nadus, scalds, bug buzz from genesect does 45%
Espeon: genesect, nadus, scalds
Salamence: ice beam from sect, hurricanes, memento from trio, toxic and scald from toad+tenta
Hydreigon: bug buzz or uturn from genesect, hurricane from nadus
Breloom: I hate putting this thing in red, b/c I have two Pokemon that can OHKO it. Regardless, if I play Nadus incorrectly, i lose to a +2 Loom. Nadus can obviously kill w. Hurricane, Gene can OHKO with Ice Beam or +1 Bug Buzz, but needs to look out for Mach Punch
Latias: nadus +gene
Toxicroak: trap with trio or kill with nadus
Lucario: trap with trio, scald, genesect thunder
Virizion: nadus, gene, toxic from tenta
Scrafty: nadus, gene
Venusaur: nadus, gene
Metagross: trio, scalds
Mienshao: nadus, gene
Cloyster: ferro,toad,tenta,gene
Mamoswine: ferro,toad,gene
Darmanitan: toad, tenta, nadus
Tornadus: nadus, genesect
Abomasnow: toxic while it switches into toad or tenta, kill with genesect's uturn or buzz
Alakazam: uturn or bug buzz from genesect, hurricane with nadus, scalds from toad, gyros from ferro
Azelf: genesect, ferro, nadus,
Azumarill: tenta, toad, ferro, nadus, gene
Deoxys-D: gene needs to kill this before it sets up too much, nadus can drop a nuke on it
Dugtrio: hurricane w/ nadus, uturn from gene
Empoleon: thunder from genesect, focus blast from nadus, trap with trio, power whip from ferro, hazards
Gorebyss: hurricane, perish song, thunder from gene
Kingdra: need to keep ferrothorn alive. can toxic with tenta+toed, but need to look out for restochesto
Kyurem: hurricane, bug buzz, reversal from trio
Victini: trap with trio, toad, tenta, hurricane, bug buzz
Stoutland: just keep rain up and kill the sand inducer, then hurricane or bug buzz or scald the puppy
Smeargle: everything kills this thing; just need sleep fodder
Sharpedo: ferro, toad, tenta (unless EQ)
Thundurus-T: Agility sets can sweep me easy if they set up. Dugtrio can take a hit w/ sash and Memento, allowing Genesect to live a hit and KO. Genesect can outsped normal sets and KO with Ice Beam. Only Agil sets are hard to deal with.
Genesect: Rock Polish sets can sweep me with the correct moveset and +1. Need to make sure it can't get +1 SpAtk, so Tornadus can live Ice Beam and KO with Hurricane. ScarfSect is easy enough to deal with, eBelt a bit of a pain.
Tornadus-T: Opposing Nadus are only a problem when they can catch Toed, Tenta, or Trio. Then something dies. Genesect can OHKO with Thunder or Ice Beam, Ferro can live any hit and Gyro, Nadus can speed tie and Hurricane. Opposing Hurricanes can't OHKO my Nadus without Specs, so I don't really even need to win the speed tie, if it comes down to it.

Standard OU Defensive Threats

Tyranitar: again, not a problem at all
Rotom-W: SpDef Rotoms can be a pain in the ass if played correctly. Obviously Ferrothorn can hard counter, but it will always Volt Switch out, giving my opponent initiative and momentum. Offensive Rotoms take around 85% from Genesect's +1 Bug Buzz, but SpDef sets give Gene an Atk boost, which means U-Turn's 60% max is the best you can hope for. Nadus can kill w/ Focus Blast once it's below half, Ferro can Power Whip, Tenta+Toed can Toxic it, but it will most likely Rest it off.
Ferrothorn: tenta can burn with scald, then proceed to sub stall + spin away all hazards, gene can bug buzz, nadus can 2hko w/ hurricane
Politoed: not a problem at all
Gliscor: tentacruel outspeeds and OHKOs, toad OHKOs, genesect OHKOs, Nadus OHKOs
Heatran: shed shell tran in combination with a solid core can be troublesome on occasion, but other than that, trio will trap.. if not, toed+tenta can scald, nadus can focus blast
Jirachi: dugtrio traps and kills, can burn with scald, only offenive sub CM sets can be a problem if Trio is dead
Skarmory: Tentacruel, Genesect's Thunder, Hurricanes do a large chunk
Ninetales: Trap w/ Trio
Celebi: Genesect, Tornadus
Forretress: Tornadus, Genesect, Tentacruel
Gyarados: Tentacruel can Toxic, Genesect can Thunder, Nadus can Hurricane
Jellicent: Hurricane from Nadus, Thunder from Genesect, Toxic from Tenta
Tentacruel: trap w/ trio, hurricane w/ nadus, or thunder w/ gene
Gastrodon: ferrothorn, hurricanes, toxic
Espeon: genesect, nadus, scalds, ferrothorn's gyro ball
Blissey: OH MY GOD FUCK BLOBS. Need max hazards + 2 focus blasts to hit. Ferro can do solid damage with Power Whip, but they never stay in vs ferro. Usually i have to wait until Bliss is the last poke and toxic it. Or perish song then trap w/ trio. Considering tSpikes > Toxic on Cruel just for these.
Vaporeon: hurricanes, thunder from gene, ferrothorn's power whip
Latias: ferrothorn's gyro ball, toxics, hurricanes, uturns from genesect
Bronzong: focus blast from nadus, bug buzz from genesect, scalds from toad/tenta
Swampert: power whip from ferro, hurricanes from nadus, bug buzz from gene, toxic from toad/tenta
Mew: genesect, hurricanes, toxics
Slowbro: genesect OHKOs with bug buzz, hurricane OHKOs i believe, toxic+haxards can wear it down
Quagsire: ferro's whip, hurricanes, bug buzz 2hkos physical defensive variants, toxic kills it
Cresselia: toxics, genesect's buzz, hurricanes from nadus
Deoxys-D: genesect can OHKO w/ bug buzz after +1, hurricanes from nadus, toxics
Empoleon: trap with dugtrio, focus blast with nadus, scald burn, thunder from genesect
Hippowdon: can give tenta a hard time spinning with STAB EQs- can kill with scalds, toxics, genesects bug buzz, or hurricanes from nadus
Xatu: bug buzz or thunder from gene, scald + hopefully burn, hurricane from nadus, gyro balls from ferro,
Wobbuffet: toxic, uturns+bug buzz from genesect on predicted mirror coat/counter
Whimsicott: lol
Tangrowth: hazards + toxic, hurricanes OHKOs, bug buzz OHKOs
Sableye: hurricanes, +1 bug buzz, toxics, scalds
Porygon2: hurricanes, bug buzz, toxic
Chansey: these are ever harder to kill than bliss, because not even ferro can touch them. need max hazards + hurricane confuse hax. can perish song and trap with trio. usually wait til it's the last poke and toxic it. again, considering tSpikes over Toxic on Tentacruel just for Pink Blobs.
Zapdos: Oh my lord. A specially defensive Dos (with Sub) completely destroys this team. I need to hit it with Toxic on the switch, or hit it with a +1 Ice Beam from Gene, which will not happen ever. Need to get up Rocks early game to wear it down.
Yo Valentine.
Nice team! I really like the synergy. I see 1 glaring threat though: Breloom. You might think that Tornadus-T can take care of it, but if the opponent gets his high roll with that fight gem and has rocks up then good bye nado. This is why I recommend 214hp/124sp.atk/240speed Politoed with Scald, Psychic, Perish Song, Protect. I know it might seem like a loss but that Psychic will ko and you won't be faced with that threat anymore. Otherwise, great team and I wish you luck in the future with teambuilding!

You could also try taking some sp.atk evs from nado and investing them into hp.. maybe 16-32evs in hp would do the trick. But it's up to you!
Hey, cool team. Genesect + tornadus-t + dugtrio is an very strong combination. At first glance the team doesn't have many weaknesses, but I recommend to use life orb on tornadus-t, lose offensive power but gains versatility. Rain dance is good for #4 slot vs sun team.

I will see more shed shell heatran for that types of teams..
Hey, TFL, Ulse. I am -Chronic- :]]]].
Anyway, on to the team. I think it's pretty solid with the core of Tornadus-T/Dugtrio, also I like that you have Genesect which can also abuse the fact that you have Dugtrio on your team. Your team seems a bit too specially based, and seems rather weak to the Pink blobs, most of the blobs have Toxic from what I have seen so Dugtrio can't really hit them hard with a Reversal, Dugtrio can also not OHKO Jirachi with Earthquake and Jirahci can just Body slam & then Iron head, then later Wish up. I have been seeing a lot of Shed Shell Heatran/Tyranitars etc. So I think Choice banded Terrakion > Dugtrio would be a nice choice as it can rip holes through the opponents team (and still helps with Sun) for either Tornadus or Genesect to clean up late game. Also, if you're going to try these changes, I do recommend using Stealth Rock > Spikes on Ferrothorn, as you do not have a spin blocker so Spikes & Rocks can just be spun away after you have spent time on setting them up. Anyway, nice team, it looks solid as I said, good job.

Terrakion @ Choice Band
Trait: Justified
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Close Combat
- Stone Edge
- X-Scissor
- Quick Attack


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Awesome team, duggy + tornadus-t + Genesect is legit. I would drop
Focus blast on specs tornadus though and just have 3 attacks. This way, sleep talk only gives you hurricane or u-turn, allowing you to deal with the sleep enducers much easier
@King- Thank you so much for your suggestion! Breloom is definitely one of the biggest offensive threats to this team, and I do wish I had more to deal with it; Toxic is just too valuable on Toad. Though if i were to replace it, it would be with Ice Beam instead of Psychic.

@Alexander- Yeah, i've seen A LOT more Shed Shell Tran; thanks for the input!

@-Chronic- Once people start running Shed Shell Ttar + Ninetails, i'll start running Terrakion over Duggy;) EDIT: Blissey+Chansey are definitely the hardest things to kill. Blissey can usually be killed by Ferrothorn, or by hazards + Hurricane confuses. Chansey, though.. Near impossible.

@Mike- Good to see you man, I remember you from TU. I've thought about dropping Focus Blast- but 2hkoing all Rotom-W after rocks is just too nice. Specs Focus Blast OHKOs Loom, that's good enough for me.


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Hello, I've seen this time quite a few times as well as watched some of your matches and I must say this team is fabulous! Anyhow, there are a few slight adjustments which you might want to consider for the team:
First off, you should invest a bit mroe speed in politoed, nothign more then 20 ev's or so to outspeed jellicent, skarmory, scizor, and a ton of other pokes in that speed range. Secondly, and also my final suggestion, would be to give dugtrio memento over rock tomb, it help's agaisnst set up sweepers which your team can be threatened by because at +1 a lot of things otuspeed scarf genescent and definetly at +2 they will. This gives them a free reign of terror agaisnt your whole team assuming they have boosts in attack or special attack which memento will cancel out. Anyhow besides these minor adjustements your team is great, LUVDISC'd!
@Nerdy- Thanks! Good luck laddering!

@Finch- TFL runs Tomb; i run Memento over Tomb, both are great.. I will definitely put a few speed IVs on Toad, thank you so much for pointing that out! C: thanks for the rate and luvdisc


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Great team here TFL and Nitro, the combination of Dugtrio + rain is just so frustrating to play against. When using my sun team, I'm practically forced to predict everytime Genesect or Tornadus-T is on the field as a U-turn out to Dugtrio would spell doom for my Ninetales. But of course, that is a testament to how viable this strategy is.
My only concern is vs opposing rain teams, especially rain offense. Nothing on your team can take 2 LO Hurricanes from opposing Tornadus-T barring Ferrothorn (and perhaps Tentacruel with some low damage rolls and protect + rain dish). In addition, LO Agility Thundurus is a huge threat as it can clean up once Dugtrio's sash is broken and Ferrothorn is a little weakened--it can freely set up an agility on Genesect locked into anything but Ice Beam, Ferrothorn, and Tornadus-T (assuming it comes in at around full health). Unfortunately I can't think of a good solution right now other than not getting yourself locked into the wrong move too early and keep SR on the field as early as possible (which isn't an easy task considering Dugtrio isn't the most reliable SR user out there if you want to keep your sash intact to eliminate other threats). All your team members fill out a specific niche that I can't come up with minor changes to alleviate this issue--I just thought I'd bring this up so hopefully someone can actually help you guys out :[.
But on a side note, I know how TFL LOVES Lanturn to check/counter Rotom-W, Tornadus and Thundurus, so if you can somehow fit it in here..............
I had a team that looked a lot like this one but i didn't like the results so i dropped it. After testing this one, i see the difference between them was incridible. Your team functions way better even though it has the same idea of Politoed / Dugtrio / Tornadus-T. The only thing i think you should try is Life Orb over Choice Specs on Tornadus-T, mainly because the power change is not this necessary and you won't mind the recoild damage because you have Regenerator. Another thing you should test is Superpower over Focus Blast, because it allows you to defeat Heatran, Tyranitar, Blissey and even Chansey in an easier way. It's also 100% accurate, so you won't lose to stuff like Magnezone just because you missed an attack lol. Oh, and if going for Superpower, change Tornadus-T's nature to Naive.

Great team and gl.
Sick team Nitro seen you use it a few times on ladder, gratz on the peaks n all that jazz. Can't really suggest or pick anything as its just really solid :))
Hey, been using your Tor-T and I must say, it's really awesome. Aside from dying by unexpectedly waking up early, this set looks better than any other I've used, taking sleep like a boss and not minding being Choice-locked. You should probably post it on the Creative (and good) Movesets thread.

But hey, it's the only thing that's awesome on the team - the team on the entirety is! I just imagine what sexual name Dugtrio has. It's just a shame Cloyster doesn't find it's way in the team :P
Hey Valentine, very nice team!!! :)

I have only one suggestion at the moment. Try switching BlackSludge to Leftovers on Tentacruel due to Trick users being abundant. Here's what can happen: Ex. Rotom-W Trick's BlackSludge with its Choice item. If you switch out, it can easily Trick(should they be correct in predicting the switch) the switched out Pokemon's item away, in exchange for BlackSludge. It would cripple the set easily and futher benefit the opposing team as it steadily eats away at your Pokemon's Hp.

Other than that, I can find no suggestion that hasn't already been made. Good luck and I hope it helps in the future!
Hey Valentine, very nice team!!! :)

I have only one suggestion at the moment. Try switching BlackSludge to Leftovers on Tentacruel due to Trick users being abundant. Here's what can happen: Ex. Rotom-W Trick's BlackSludge with its Choice item. If you switch out, it can easily Trick(should they be correct in predicting the switch) the switched out Pokemon's item away, in exchange for BlackSludge. It would cripple the set easily and futher benefit the opposing team as it steadily eats away at your Pokemon's Hp.

Other than that, I can find no suggestion that hasn't already been made. Good luck and I hope it helps in the future!
That's actually a misconception. If you were willing to switch Tentacruel into a Trick user in the first place, why not switch it in again?
Some(Most) Trick users are not as inconspicuous as others. Most Trick users will commonly trick a healing move( i.e. Leftovers) with the Black Sludge they'd have just taken from Tentacruel. Even after, once Tentacruel is gone(fainted) and cannot be switched out again(given that the Trick user is still alive), you still have a chance to have a set foiled by BlackSludge.
@gr8- No doubt that RP Lando, RP Gene, and AgilThun-t can completely demolish the whole team with the correct support. We've ran Lanturn over Ferrothorn in the past.. Not only does this help with AgilThun+RP Gene, but it also provides a switch in to opposing Nadus. Heal Bell is also nice to peel random status.. Thanks for the rate, congrats on 1730+!

@papei noel- Thanks for the rate! Running Naive and Life Orb really hinders Nadus. Timid can survive a non boosted Thunder from Scarf Gene, even if it is with a small 1-3% HP. Ice Beam and Tbolt score around 70-80%. Even after rocks, Nadus has a chance to survive BoltBeams, and KO with Hurricane. With Naive, i lose one of my main methods of killing opposing Genesect. Life Orb is also not good for this particular team, because Rocks + an attack from an opponent + LO recoil will be enough to kill Nadus. For example, i can live a Scizor's Bullet Punch after rocks, but Life Orb recoil might take me out.

@Problems- Thanks for the rate! Had a fun time on skype today C:

@HansiKurschG- Dugtrio was one of the simpler ones to name.. Threesome.

@CedOmega- It's all preference, i'd much rather run Black Sludge to deal a little bit more to opposing Rotom-W. When it comes down to it, either item is going to play the exact same.
not much to add to anything but coolio job. i fought this team quite a bit. i remember one specific instance where ferro lived an attack with like 1 hp and rested. i quit right there rofl. nice job. :]

also, not to get off topic, but since when are trick users abundant? lol.

also, if you didn't know, i'm vanilldux/pogeyman master! :]

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