shark salon (looking for requests/suggestions; livestream : off)

Wowsers, this is some great art you've got here! I love the style, and the fact that you don't use lineart. I can honestly say I have no complaints :)

Requesting a Ludicolo please.


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Hey, love your art =)

If you'd ever like to draw art for The Smog, message me here on the forums and I'd be more than happy to get you involved. Best of luck here; I can tell you're an incredible artist. Keep up the fantastic work and can't wait to see more from you!
Oh wow, really cool work! Can't wait to see how your requests turn out.

I'll request Octillery :)

And since you like kittens anyway, you should do a cute Purugly for Ritter :)
Your style reminds me of Eric Carle and a touch of Dr. Seuss (for your first painting, it trees look a lot like truffula trees). I really do enjoy your composition and the brush strokes on many of your paintings. You really know how to shape your pieces and your color choices are fantastic too.
I shall request a Scrafty. :)
Oh wow I love your use of brushstrokes and colour, I'm really envious. Welcome to Smeargle's Studio, hope you stick around :) For requests, a cute Purugly would be lovely n_n

sharkstache said:
I love kittens
Good man
thank you all for the love; i love you all back 100x more ;)

@Birkal ; omg i've always wanted to do that; but I think I'll have to hold off on that offer for a bit. i'd like to get to know everyone here a bit first and get used to the environment first before doing so haha (even though i know everyone here via lurking but oops)

@paintseagull : anddd ofc ritter already requested a purugly LOL

@bluehoundoom : dang i actually drew that tree thing after doing a project on the lorax for my environmental class :p and thanks much for the compliments~ i'm still iffy on composition but i love colors <3

@RitterCat : hifive

qq long wall of response text; in other news,

whoooo huurrr finished first request (from someone friend who requested while i was waiting for people to request. he wanted a chikorita and a buizel but i can't chikorita so okay oh well). i'll knock out a few more tommorow//



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I love this, one of the best new artists in smeargles. You have a very different style to a lot of people here which is great. As you're taking requests can I request a Flygon please?
thanks corkscrew and mafe; and yeah i plan on doing all the requests on here whenever i have free time or when i need to procrastinate :p

here's ludicolo for eagle4

Ohmygoodness that is amazing :)
have a luvdisc, I love it sooo much.
whoo glad you like it ;p and woops i saved the pic in the wrong format and that made everything darker; i edited my post with the new version lol

@Novaray : hellyeah, an excuse to draw a garchomp. dragon+shark =5xluv

and is there a way to mention someone's username appropriately here? hurhurhur
dropping off two more before i call it a dayyy

octillery for paintseagull, tried new stuff

and scrafty for bluehoundoom, didn't want to paint orange things anymore so i vectored it LOL

thanks for the requests people; im currently on snowday break and there's nothing to do hurhur


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I seriously can't get over how awesome you are .____.

Love your style, love your colors, love everything about it. Someone more well-versed in art than I can give you real criticism.

If you're still looking for requests, I would love to see an Altaria. <3
If you didn't want to color anymore orange things, you could have colored Scrafty in its shiny form. But, I'm not complaining! I really enjoy the clean lines and how you stretched out Scrafty hoodie. And silly question but is it flipping the bird? xD
Keep up the great work!


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DudeSharkMan your use of color and texture and everything is so amazing my eyes sing your praises while my ego goes to die. This is some seriously amazing stuff and you should never quit. If I may request a poke for you to rise to a higher state of being through your art, I would like to see the humble bananasaur, tropius.

ugh I need to not post late at night I sound like a retard

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