Announcement Shaymin-Sky, Necrozma Dawn Wings, and Arceus-Ghost have all been unbanned!

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With Pokemon like Ditto, Terapagos, and Lunala dropping, and the future tier shifts being 3 months away, The council has decided that this is the best time to unban any Pokemon that we could test. It will be the most time we are going to have without any changes for the tier overall, leaving us with ample time to find balance and ban these if found to be overpowered. They will not affect any tournaments as the rounds have already started, and as such we will still have this week if one of them is found to be too much for the tier to handle.

Terapagos, Lunala and Ditto all help check a lot of the tier. Terapagos can beat pokemon like Necrozma Dawn Wings with its normal typing, toxic and dark pulse. Ditto can copy any sweeper and check them offensively, and Lunala works as an effective stopper with shadow shield. With Chien Pao staying in the tier, pokemon like Shaymin sky or Arceus-flying can be kept in check significantly easier. Arceus-Steel and Arceus-Ghost have gotten a lot of competition in Solgaleo and Lunala respectively.

The council has done a vote on the unban on most of the banned pokemon, alongside reasoning for each possible unban:
:Necrozma-Dawn-Wings: With Terapagos and Lunala in the tier, we have a complete counter and competition for the same role. Chien-Pao staying in the tier also means that there is a strong Dark type for it to keep it in check.

:Shaymin-Sky: With pokemon like Chien Pao and Mewtwo in the tier, there are more pokemon to outspeed and OHKO it than when it was banned. With pokemon like Giratina returning and Solgaleo dropping, we have some new defensive tools for it to try to break through, enough to warrant a test

:Arceus-Flying:, :Arceus-Steel:, :Arceus-Ghost: The environment of Arceus-Flying, -Steel, and -Ghost have changed significantly since their bans. They all have more competition and different counters. We think that they are worth testing to see if they should remain unbanned. For Arceus-Flying specifically, its flying typing can potentially fill defensive holes in teams that we currently lack. With Arceus-Steel and -Ghost, pokemon like Magearna and Solgaleo for the former and Lunala and potentially Necrozma Dawn Wings for the latter give them a lot of competition

We don’t really think that pokemon like Arceus-Fire, -Water, and :Zekrom: should be unbanned because they are inherently stronger than most of the others, with the additional point that Arceus-Fire’s environment hasn’t changed enough to warrant a suspect test (No new counters or checks have dropped since)

As a result of the vote, Necrozma Dawn wings, Shaymin Sky, and Arceus-Ghost have all been unbanned! Tagging dhelmise and Marty for implementation

DorronFinchelyImperialorder241Leo JusticeVespyNJNPRubenPaCeSwordIsBoredResult
Necrozma Dawn WingsKeep bannedUnbanUnbanUnbanUnbanKeep bannedUnbanKeep bannedUnbanned
Shaymin-SkyKeep bannedUnbanUnbanUnbanUnbanKeep bannedUnbanUnbanUnbanned
Arceus-FlyingKeep bannedUnbanUnbanUnbanKeep BannedKeep bannedUnbanAbstainedKeep Banned
Arceus-SteelKeep bannedKeep BannedUnbanKeep BannedAbstainedKeep bannedUnbanAbstainedKeep Banned
Arceus-GhostKeep bannedUnbanUnbanUnbanUnbanKeep bannedUnbanKeep BannedUnbanned

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