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Its shedinja not shedninja

Shedinja holds a unique niche on stall teams through it's excellent ability in Wonder guard, which gives it several immunities to types such as Water, Electric, Grass, Psychic, and Ground, allowing it to counter powerful Pokemon such as Rain Dance Omastar and Gorebyss, Tentacruel, and Lunatone. Shedinja also has a decent Attack stat, and can break through many Pokemon after a Swords Dance boost such as Omastar, Tentacruel, and Hypno, which can be very useful for stall teams. Sadly, Shedinja's viability is severely crippled by it's HP being locked at 1, which leaves it instantly annihilated by Spikes, damaging status like Toxic and Burn, and any super effective attack. To make this problem even worse, all of Shedinja's weaknesses, with the exception of dark, are all very common attacking types, and that combined with it's low Speed makes it very risky to stay in on nearly anything without full knowledge of the Pokemon's set. All of this means that Shedinja is an extremely high maintenance Pokemon that needs a large amount of support to prevent Spikes and status from harming it.

name: Shedinja
move 1: Shadow Ball
move 2: Hidden Power Bug
move 3: Swords Dance
move 4: Protect
item: Lum Berry
ability: Wonder Guard
nature: Adamant / Jolly
evs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe

Set Description

Shadow Ball is Shedinja's strongest STAB move that hits Psychic- and Ghost-types such as Lunatone, Hypno, and Misdreavus super effectively and is the best move for Omastar, Gorebyss, and Tentacruel. Hidden Power Bug is another STAB move that hits Grass- and Dark-types such as Meganium, Shiftry, and Sharpedo super effectively. Swords Dance boosts Shedinja's Attack, allowing it to 2HKO Omastar and OHKO Tentacruel and Hypno at +2. Protect is used to scout for super effective attacks that the opposing Pokemon might have. Lum Berry prevents Shedinja from being taken out by Toxic or Burn by curing it as soon as it is set.

Max Attack and Speed evs with an adamant nature ensures that Shedinja is as strong and fast as possible, notably letting it 2HKO Omastar and OHKO Tentacruel with +2 Shadow Ball. Alternatively, a Jolly nature could be run in order to outspeed Hypno with Toxic, although this sacrifices the power that adamant provides.

Team Options

Rapid Spin users such as Hitmontop and Blastoise are mandatory teammates for Shedinja so it can safely switch in. Similarly, status absorbers such as Altaria and Vileplume and Rest users such as Kangaskhan and Blastoise are also required teammates for Shedinja since they can take status for it; Altaria also functions as a great Fire resist for Shedinja since it is not weak to Grass, which is a common coverage type on Fire-types. Shedinja appreciates having Water-types to take on Fire- and Rock-types for it, good Water-types to pair with Shedinja include Blastoise, Omastar, and Lanturn, with the latter two also resisting Flying-type moves, though it must be noted that Omastar is a less reliable answer to Fire-types due to its 4x weakness to Grass.

Other Options

a Choice Band set with Shadow Ball / Silver Wind / Hidden Power Ground or Hidden Power Fighting / Aerial Ace can deal more immediate damage without needing to set up Swords Dance, but the lack of Lum Berry and Protect makes it significantly less reliable since it is now completely vulnerable to status and cannot scout for super effective moves on it's own.

Checks and Counters

**Spikes Setters**: Any Pokemon that runs Spikes such as Omastar and Qwilfish are extremely dangerous for Shedinja, as they can prevent it from switching in at all if they have set up Spikes.

**Residual Damage**: Damaging status such Toxic and Burn as well as Leech Seed can instantly shut down Shedinja. Examples of common Pokemon that use residual damage are Omastar, Walrein, and Vileplume. Fortunately, Shedinja should be able to take one status move due to Lum Berry.

**Super Effective Coverage**: Any super effective coverage move can prevent Shedinja from being a reliable counter to many Pokemon Like Kangaskhan, Nidoking, and Pinsir, so it should scout for sets with Protect.

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