Shiny Beldum GTS Giveaway; Sponsored by TyVip [Completed]

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Hi! I'm back with another givaway this time around sponsored by TyVip. That means I'll be distributing one of his pokemon.... and here it is:

NN: Professor X

Ability: Clear Body
Nature: Adamant
IVs: 31/31/31/7/31/31
Ot : Thuany ID: 32444

Moves: Take Down
Full Redis

As the title says, this is a GTS Giveaway so be sure to follow the rules and instructions on how to claim this pokemon.


  • Only one pokemon per person. You can not ask for an extra pokemon for a friend
  • This pokemon is fully redistributable as long as you credit TyVip for it
  • Follow instructions or you will be skipped. You are getting a free pokemon... that is the least you could do.
  1. Capture a common WILD pokemon, something that won't get sniped easily; NO BELDUMS or EVOLVE TRADES
  2. Deposit said pokemon in the GTS asking for a lvl1-10 Beldum with "vzxt" as message
  3. Post here telling me your IGN and what pokemon you deposited
  4. I will reply to your post saying "Sent" or "Sniped"
  5. If you got "Sniped" repeat the process
  • To the Mods; I'd like end this giveaway on Sunday 5:00 pm CST please :)
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