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SV: 2944
FC: 3840-5823-4975
IGN: Sacred
Way to contact: Smogon is fine with me. Just send me a message :)

I'll be happy to help you all! Dont hesitate to ask if you need a shiny breed request :D


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My SV is 2887. FC 3067-5594-7720 IGN Koga. Contact: (you can also PM here) Shiny Value 2837 FC: 4098-3009-8405
My SV is 403. My sister's is 2497.
My friend code is 2836-0127-1539
IGN is Ryan.
contact by email: why912002[at]yahoo[dot]com
alright my shiny value is 1794
fc is 4983 5402 5270
contact by hotmail:
Myl SV is 2704. FC 0533-4800-6934 IGN Dmpo. Contact:
Sorry, no email addresses/Facebook pages will be added to the spreadsheet. If you have other means of reaching you, please post. Else, you won't be added to the sheet (already marked dubaitaib as Smogon contact).


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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Shiny Value is 2106
Preferred method of contact is Smogon Conversation
FC 2294-4290-8293 IGN Jimera
Hi, I would like to be added to the list :3 A friend passed me the link to this forum and thought it would be nice to have more people to match with.

User: (here and in gamefaqs) Dark04Saturn
Shiny Value: 2592
FC: 4897-5980-7678
Contact: Here, gamefaqs or Skype: DKS04Saturn

Hope I can help people do some hatching and find help here too ^^
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