Shiny Pokémon

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Welcome to the Shiny Pokémon Thread!

here you can discuss about shiny Pokémon or just talk about them like, which shinies are amazing and which ones are Garchomp tier shinies

1. No disturbing topics like sex, horror and stuff, this room's rating is supposed to be PG 13!
2. Be as civil and respectful as you can, we don't rly want anyone being mean to each other.
3. You can't trade shinies here! Go to the trading threads in the Wi-Fi forum for trades.
4. You can go off topic but not not for too long.
5. You can't post images of shinies from ROM hacks or from Emulators.
6. You can talk about your journey to catch your target shiny but you can't just mention every little detail about it.

And that's all of the rules so have fun :D


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This is simply a PC++ thread under a different disguise.

Locking as there is little to discuss here.

Also these "rules" are mostly covered in Smogon's main rules.
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