Shoddyteam modified on Pokélab but not useable now

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I try to modify a Shoddy Team I got and I played with on Pokélab. But when I'm done with modifying it at Pokélab and save it, it can't be reopened or loaded:

Load (Battle) - "Selected team file could not be loaded"
Open (Teambuilder) - "Unknown error reading team"

Any ideas why this happens?
When you resave a file on Pokelab it changes the file type. Team files from Shoddy can be read by Pokelab, but team files from Pokelab can't be read by Shoddy.


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Bug reports go on Trac. This particular issue was posted 50,000 times on the forum and tracker, by various people ignoring the edict not to post duplicate tickets. The good news is that apparently this bug has been fixed by a recent changeset in the client. You won't notice the change until a new version of the client is uploaded, but there is no further reason to post the issue.
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