Show me your rarest Pokémon card


Free Gliscor
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It was a metagross EX holo that went through the wash when I was 10. $500 cash. No lowball offers. I know what I have


Loosely Resembling Some Variety Of Bird
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I've got a really rare limited edition print, only 2 exist in the entire world and I happen to be one of the owners


I am willing to part with it, but at a steep price. You must be willing to provide a coordinated drone strike on a location of my choosing, for entirely non-violent reasons I promise. There's this fat fucking squirrel that keeps stealing the food from the bird feeders. It gives me bad vibes and I want it executed. If you can provide this service for me, I will part with the card


resident enigma
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My charizard star that i bought ungraded for 150 dollars 3 years ago. Wonder what it's actually worth

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