Show off your cool new avatars

I wanted some sort of gimmick, so I cropped out two exaggerated hentai faces, one of a man and one of a woman. I'm using the man right now because they got confirmed, but I would have used the following if they weren't:
remakes pfp 2.PNG
And here's the full size version of my current avatar:
remakes pfp 1.PNG
Does it defeat the purpose of the bet if I change the avatar either way? Kinda, but I thought this was interesting to do.
Eh, I could Improve in this. Does anyone have the animated version of the guy putting clown makeup on himself? The one which the guy looks more like a clown in each panel?
Barely two paragraphs in, and I already regret this immensely.
This is why I skipped a good chunk of the Archie Sonic comics. Ian Flynn is leagues above Penders in terms of writing chops.

Post-Penders Archie Sonic, IDW Sonic and Mega Man are really good, btw. Read them if you ever get the chance.

It's a damn shame Archie Sonic got canceled and Mega Man is on "indefinite hiatus"...
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