Show off your funny and/or amazing battles here!

I can't show the battle, since I lost the link, but I was in an OU battle, where my Mandibuzz was my last pokémon against 3 pokémon: An Alakazam, an Aegislash and a Starmie. I one shotted the latter two, but was at around 25% HP afterwards. Alakazam was sent out. It used Charge Beam, and at this point I posted gg, knowing I was going to lose. The attack left me with 4 HP, and I managed to OHKO it with Knock Off! I was really glad I had invested some EVs into SpD then!
I really do encourage you to check out this replay if you can, while it is extremely long it is one of the most rewarding battles I have ever done! Trash talk, great play, great predictions, and just content that you can LOL at! I am dhffghs and I am on the right. If you have any questions let me know :)

Them new scrubs don't know about TyraniBoah :)
I decided to use a random Pokemon generator to make my team. Then I made their movesets, then battled and made some kid forfeit on my first game O_O To be fair the team wasn't that bad...
A level 3 pokemon OHKOing a level 100!

The link appears to be all white so just click between this and the top text and you'll see the video!
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